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    Jets - Bucs Trade; Will it Change the Mocks?

    Looks like the first pre-draft trade is going down, with the Buccaneers acquiring Darrell Revis, which surely will involve the 13th overall pick going to the Jets, plus other picks, maybe some in 2014.

    With the Jets now possibly owning two picks at 9 and 13, how could it change round one?

    In one scenario, the Jets simply have to take a CB at 13, possibly fast riser DJ Hayden just as Tampa BAy was predicted to, so no real change, with the Jets still expected to take a pass rusher at pick 9, with Tavon Austin also in the mix.

    In another scenario, that extra pick gives them their QB of the future, Geno Smith. However, an extra #1 could just mean the Jets can now take a QB in round two, and already have a pair of top prospects to save Rex Ryan's job. LAme duch coaches usually don't put their jobs in the hands of a rookie passer, who the new coach and GM will get the benefit from drafting.

    I don't think the jets take a QB in round one in any scenario, unless the order to do so comes down from Woodie Johnson himself, which certainly IS possible. Johnson wants to win, and also sell tickets and get media attention in a city with lots of competition for it. Woodie needs Broadway Joe, but he isn't out there.

    In the end I see Rex winning out, and EJ Manuel becoming a Jet early in round two.

    So does that mean Rex will still get his pass rusher at 9, or will he have to get that second best CB there? That could definitely change the first 15.

    I doubt the Jets move up, and it seems more likely with picks 9 and 13 making pretty good money still, they might be very open to moving down to acquire another early second rounder. Then they definitely take a QB with one of those top four picks in the top 40.

    I am , happily I might add, removing Tavon Austin from being a Ram anyway, so whether it's the Jets, Bills, Panthers, or whoever that takes him, so be it and hopefully it means a better prospect drops to the Rams.

    I definitely could see a Rams deal down, maybe even from 16, more likely at 22, especially if they target a safety or even WR at 22.

    Whether they stay at 16 depends on who drops, or whether they like Alec Ogletree, Jarvis Jones, Cordarelle Patterson, Keenan Allen, Kenny Vaccaro, or even Sylvester Williams enough to take one of them that high.

    If that interest is only so so with no clear favorite, they can still get one of these at 22, so a deal down, at a great price , would be attractive.

    Any pick acquired in the top 50 this year will yield a really good prospect in a deep draft at many positions, and having more picks allows a bit of a reach for a thinner position early.

    If Geno Smith doesn't go top 20, teams could really be vying to get the Rams second pick to get their QB, and might overpay to get it done. No doubt Les Snead, a guy proven to drive hard bargains on deals and get premium picks for them, will be listening to it all develop, with a plan in mind.

    Gonna be fun to watch, maybe the best draft in a decade to be really into as a draftnik, with so much suspense.

    This would be a great one to attend in person, to se those Jets fans and Eagles fans in action early.

    Can't wait to see it on TV from Rams Park, as it all plays out and gets explained by Snead and Fisher and assistant coaches.

    Then the next Monday, I have to forget all the stuff I know about anyone not drafted or signed as undrafted by the Rams !!

    I don't know what will happen, but I know I trust Snead and Fisher, with the 100% backing of Stan Kroenke and Kevin Demoff, , to make it another solid draft class, that will bring a couple starting caliber safeties, a starting OLB, two WR, one a starter, and at least one a great KR, an OL who has starting potential quickly at guard, who could move to right tackle, a dime CB, and a big RB to the roster.

    That's their wish list, and if a great DT falls at some pont, they could go there as well. They could also take a second LB if they miss on any prospects at the other need spots.

    How they juggle those needs with the values when they pick, or whether they deal down, is what will make or break this draft, but I am optimistic they will get it done right.

    Barry Waller

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    Re: Jets - Bucs Trade; Will it Change the Mocks?

    With this trade, I don't see why not Jets won't seriously consider Tavon Austin.

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    Re: Jets - Bucs Trade; Will it Change the Mocks?

    If I'm the Jets, I'm taking the best pass rusher available with the ninth pick, as I expect one of Jordan/Ansah/Mingo to still be on the board there.

    Then, with the 13th pick, I would either take Tavon Austin or trade down.

    If Austin is on the board, it would not be surprising to see a team in the bottom half of the first round try to leapfrog Carolina and St. Louis to nab him. There are other prospects who could garner some trade attention as well (DTs Richardson & Williams, CBs Milliner or Rhodes, one of the OLBs, Vaccaro, etc).

    By moving back into the first round, the Jets could grab a QB like Manuel before Thursday's opening round comes to a close, and could conceivably have two picks the following night to give him more help (WR, TE, OL).

    I don't know if I'd risk waiting until the original second round pick to take him; I think Manuel could go to the Jags, Eagles, or Cardinals before New York's pick is up.

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    Re: Jets - Bucs Trade; Will it Change the Mocks?

    At the end of the day they'll miss Revis Island, that dude could shut down any WR in the league. There's no guarantee any of this year's crop of DBs will turn out to be the next #1 corner. You can't replace experience at cornerback.

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    Re: Jets - Bucs Trade; Will it Change the Mocks?

    Rex is in win now mode, because unless he makes the playoffs, there is no way that he gets to keep his job. Barry, that is the exact reason why they will NOT be selecting a quarterback in this draft. Not an early round, not even a late round. The reason is, they have no reason to.

    Sanchez WILL be their quarterback. For this year only. If he gets them to the playoffs, that could change, but unless they rebound like crazy with those 2 top 15 picks, both Sanchez and Rex will be gone. The new coach won't want to inherit a quarterback that they didn't choose and the Jets will be in a position to draw upon a much more talented pool next year. There is NO reason to draft a QB for the Jets.

    I'd agree with Nick, however, they'll be going after pass rush, offensive skill player help, and a replacement corner, but since they have a #1-ish corner in Cromartie, they can wait until the 2nd and see who might drop.
    I believe!

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    Re: Jets - Bucs Trade; Will it Change the Mocks?

    The trade doesn't change my mock, as I predict the Jets will draft whoever the Bucs would have drafted, then announce they have traded that person to the Bucs. Hey, it's the Jets, anything is possible.

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