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    Re: Jets want Bulger??

    [QUOTE=Nick;274370]The Jets are off the hook for the money Favre was scheduled to count against the cap since he retired. That's $13 million in cap room all of a sudden.............QUOTE]


    The question that leaps into my mind after reading this is............HOW CAN WE GET BENNETT TO FRIGGIN' RETIRE??

    Comon, has someone got some scandalous pictures, or a cousin Guido? Help a Ram fan out here!!!!

    Semper Fi!

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    Re: Jets want Bulger??

    Quote Originally Posted by Azul e Oro View Post
    Nick, why quibble over a couple $ mill (LOL), but I've read several sources who indicated that BF was guaranteed his bonus money regardless of retirement. Dunno how much it was or whether it was all paid in '08 or was contingent upon showing up for '09. Still, it may knock a bit off that $13 mill figure in cap savings.
    He's guaranteed his bonus money in the sense that, if they've already paid him a signing or a roster bonus, they can't get it back. But his cap cost this year - which is a combination of his yearly salary and a pro-rated portion of that bonus money - is completely wiped out if he retires.

    Quote Originally Posted by Azul e Oro View Post
    Sanchez out of the top ten? What have you heard about teams like KC, The Whiners, and possibly The Hags, who may be in the QB draft market that makes you say that?
    Personally I wonder if Sanchez's lack of experience is going to cost him on draft day. There are a limited number of junior QBs who have gone on to have successful NFL careers as it is, but Sanchez essentially only started for one year. I wouldn't be surprised to see him slip.

    The Chiefs very well could go QB; it's all going to depend on how they view Sanchez. Their new GM comes from New England, so I suspect his preference would be to focus on the offensive and defensive lines. Right now, I have Curry slotted for them to give them a defensive standout.

    The Seahawks I don't see taking a quarterback. They'll likely go offensive tackle to eventually replace Walter Jones or they'll go Crabtree for their West Coast offense. I think in large part, it might depend on what the Rams do. If the Rams take the best available OT, the 'Hawks probably go Crabtree. If the Rams go Crabtree, then the best available OT will likely fall to Seattle.

    I don't think the Whiners are going to go QB again in the first round so soon after the Alex Smith miss, especially since it means going for another junior QB. I think they're optimistic about what they have in Shaun Hill, plus it sounds as if Alex Smith will resign with them to compete and then be a back-up. They have bigger needs on defense IMO to go with a QB in round one.

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