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    Jimmy Williams on NFL Network

    Click on it Virginia Tech CB Jimmy Williams visits NFLTA Set.

    Seems like a nice guy to me. He may have attitude problems but seems like he is willing to do whatever.

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    Re: Jimmy Williams on NFL Network

    IMO hes the 2nd best DB in the Draft after Huff

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    Re: Jimmy Williams on NFL Network

    The best part of that interview is when he says he'd like to play for teams like San Fran and Oakland, who "coincidentally" pick in the top seven of the draft where the money is better, only to have to confess that the majority of teams he's had visits with are in the mid to bottom half of the first round - KC, Cincy, Tampa, Giants, Dolphins. LOL

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    Drew4EverRams Guest

    Re: Jimmy Williams on NFL Network

    the thing about jimmy williams as i see it are as follows-

    he is far from the finished article,he will take a few bumps to his ego in his first few years in the nfl,altho he undoubtedly has talent and under the right nuturing could become a great DB!
    i dont see it being for a few seasons if atall and how much of him willing to learn and correct his flaws will be the depending factor on how succesful he will become!

    i think he needs to go to a team that has veteran DB`s with good mentoring skills if he is going to reach his potential in the NFL,i dont see the rams as being one of those teams!
    possible good destinations for him id say are Denver,KC,Baltimore,Washington!


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