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Thread: JudaXI First Mock off season Ever

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    JudaXI First Mock off season Ever

    Let me know what you think:

    I really like the way this off season turned out. By increasing the salary cap numbers the Rams were able to add numerous starters to tier Roster and some superstars. The draft my be a little dreamy but I would not imagine impossible. After puting it together I noticed I did not address O-line depth very much and will probably make some changes to fix that.

    36.55 in salary cap32 million used


    C Jason Brown: 2.8 million in savings

    DT Fred Robbins: 4 million in savings

    CB Ron Bartell: 6.25 million in savings


    RT Jason Smith: 8 million in savings

    LE Chris long: Extension of 5 year 90 million dollar contract 15 million dollar signing bonus 65 million guaranteed (13 million a year) 5.5 million in savings.


    WR Vincent Jackson: 5 year 55 million dollar contract 7.5 million dollar signing bonus 35 million guaranteed (8.5 a year)

    CB Cortland Finnegan: 5 year 50 million dollar contract 10 million dollar signing bonus 27.5 million guaranteed (10 a year)

    LG Ben Grubbs: 5 year 40 million dollar contract 7.5 million dollar signing bonus 27.5 million guaranteed (5.5 a year)

    DT Jason Jones: 4 years 15 million dollar contract 1 million dollar contract 12 million guranteed (2.5 a year)

    HB LeRon McClain: 2 year 2 million dollar contract 800k dollar signing bonus. (1.4 a year)

    WR Danny Amendola: 4 year 3 million dollar contract 750k signing bonus 750k guaranteed (1 million a year.

    P Donnie Jones: 5 year 5 million dollar contract 2.5 million dollar signing bonus 4 million guaranteed (1.5 million a year)

    C Tony Wragge: 1 year 900k contract 0 guaranteed (900k a year)

    QB Kellen Clemens: 3 year 2.1 million 1 million guaranteed (700k a year)

    Trade Cleavland 1.2 for 1.4, 1.22

    1.4: Justin Blackmon WR OSU: With the addition of Justin Blackmon the Rams finally give franchise Quarter Back Sam Bradford a high powered offense to excel in.

    1.22 Dre Kirkpatrick CB Alabama: This is anticipating a hug fall due to his off season problems, see Jimmy Smith 2011, Kirkpatrick Provides great size (6-3) to match up against NFC west WRs Larry Fitzgerald, Sidney Rice, and Michael Crabtree.

    2.1 Zach Brown OLB UNC: The Rams have a huge need at OLB this offseason and Brown is perfect solution. Helping MLB James Laurinitis, Brown can take on a lot of the run stopping duties.

    3.2 Lavonte David OLB Nebraska: This is a best player avaialble pick for the Rams who fill a huge need at OLB. David will help sure up the Rams crummy Rushing Defense.

    4.1 LaMichael James RB Oregon: It might take a little bit of a drop for James to land in this spot, but if it happens he would be a great change of pace back to The Predator.

    Depth Chart:

    QB: Bradford, Clemens
    HB: Steven Jackson, LeRon McClain, LaMichael James
    FB: Britt Miller
    TE: Lance Kendricks, Illinois Mike,
    WR: Vincent Jackson, Justin Blackmon, Danny Amendola, Danario Alexander, Greg Salas, Brandon Gibson, Austin Pettis
    RT: Jason Smith, Adam Goldberg
    RG: Harvey Dahl, Bran Mattison
    C:Tony Wragge
    LG: Ben Grubbs
    LT: Roger Saffold, Thomas Welch

    LE: Chris Long, Eugene Simms
    DT: Justin Bannan, Jason Jones, Darell Scott
    RE: Robert Quinn, James Hall
    LOLB: Ben Leber, Lavonte David
    MLB: James Laurinitis, Josh Hull
    ROLB: Zach Brown, Chris Chamberlin
    CB: Courtland Finnegan, Bradley Fletcher, Dre Kirkpatrick, Jerome Murphy, Josh Gordy, Nate Ness
    SS: Darian Stewart
    FS: Quintin Mikell, Marquis Johnson

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    Re: JudaXI First Mock off season Ever

    I'd say that free agency would be pretty optimistic, signing the top CB, WR and OG on the market. And Ben Leber is no longer with us.

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    Re: JudaXI First Mock off season Ever

    The free agency can really backfire on us. I understand we have the money for it but think about it your singing four players to 5 year deals and another to a 4 year deal with the addition of of Long on a five year deal... THis will really tie up our cap for later years so all these players absolutely must perform and stay 100% healthy which is not always the case for giving a guy the big payday.

    Also there is a huge problem on our O-line: you cannot give Smith the RT without competition after his performance over the years...and we cannot go into 2012 with Wraggle being our starter after paying him mediocre starter money. Also i do not understand why we cut Brown and keep Smith I think Smith is closer to the door than Brown.

    You touched on stopping the run and i think that is a HUGE priority this off-season; but i dont think just improving the LB will drastically change our run D; we need to stop it at the point of attack and that is the DT position Jones is a good pass rusher but we need someone to collapse the pocket.

    Another reason I do not like spending on all those free agents is because it really screws our depth...we would be forced to sign scrubs to back up players...look at the depth at O-line, D-line,safety, and TE we will have another mediocre year if our starters are hurt at those positions.

    THis mock defiantly is an influx of talent thou

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    Re: JudaXI First Mock off season Ever

    I think we'd be lucky to just pull in one of those big time FA's... not all 3.

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    Re: JudaXI First Mock off season Ever

    This is probably the best one I have seen so far., if possible...

    I just don't know why people are so high on McClain....there are plenty of Round 7 Running Backs that can do what he doesn...

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    Re: JudaXI First Mock off season Ever

    Wow this is like a dream offseason!!
    There's no way lamichael James falls to round 4, he won't make it out round 2..
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