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Thread: Just a random Greg Robinson topic...

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    Just a random Greg Robinson topic...

    With all the articles I've been seeing about how Robinson has more potential, but Matthews is the safer pick, I've some some serious mixed feelings.

    Here's the way I see our OL currently:

    LT - Jake Long (INJ - May not start the year)
    LG - **OPEN**
    C - Scott Wells
    RG - Rodger Saffold
    RT - Joe Barksdale

    That being said, i think we NEED a LG out of this draft, and we have potential upgrades at C and then RT. If Long can stay healthy, he's our LT. If Saffold can stay healthy, he's our RG. Wells is aging and needs to stay healthy, buy we can definitely look into a young guy to take over here. I really liked what Barksdale did, but if we have the opportunity, I'm okay upgrading here.

    Cut back to the draft, and I really like the idea of going Greg Robinson at 2 and plugging him right in at LG. That gives us two excellent run blockers at G, and a potentially elite LT with an underrated guy on the right side. This move may seem hefty for a G, but Robinson gets acclimated to the left side and gets his time to "learn the NFL game".

    I realize that it could make a transition to LT hard, considering there is so much more space to cover and generally better talent from the pass rush.

    That being said, having some of the OL misses the Rams have had in recent years, I'm also okay going with Matthews, but I'd plug him in at RT right away. With this option, we could try to slide Barksdale down to guard, or we can spend one of our top 3 round picks on a G to slot in there.

    This route may be safer, but with the OL coach we've got, I think we can really take a chance on Robinson and make our starting OL really good, using his superior run-blocking inside.

    Whether we go Robinson or Matthews, I'd like to see at least 1 other high (3-4 rounds) OL pick, and maybe a 3rd in the later rounds. I just want alot of depth, because we have some serious question marks right now.

    God I can't wait for the draft.

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    Re: Just a random Greg Robinson topic...

    I think either strategy makes a lot of sense.

    Taking either Robinson or Matthews provides an immediate upgrade to this offensive line. Either of them could shift inside and play left guard as a rookie (the Jonathan Ogden strategy) or they could replace Barksdale at right tackle, and Barksdale could shift inside to play guard instead.

    This would obviously be a temporary move until either Robinson or Matthews is ready to replace Long at left tackle, but it's a move that helps us immediately in the short term at a position of need while protecting us in the long term at the line's most important position.

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    Re: Just a random Greg Robinson topic...

    I am firmly in the Jake Matthews camp. I've warmed a bit to Robinson and wouldn't be terribly upset if we take him over Matthews though. Matthews is ready to step in day one and contribute at G, RT or LT. He will be able to play at a high level at any of those positions and be great. He's not going to be a physically dominant LT like Pace was who just went around pancaking fools into oblivion for year. He's going to be more of a technically great well rounded LT who frustrates DE's because there is no weekness in his game. More like a Bruce Armstrong, Joe Thomas or Willie Roaf.
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    Re: Just a random Greg Robinson topic...

    Well said, Mikey. It's been documented by Matthews' coach that he could legitimately line up in any of the five spots on the line and excel at it. He's a technician and comes from clear NFL blood. I, too, have warmed to the thinking that Robinson starting out as a LG and then shifting out is a good move, but the same could be said about Matthews. He can step in and start at any hole that we have, which is why he's still my choice.
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