As many of us, I have been reading the threads.. Go Suh, GO Sam... Sam hates the rams..but we don't have proof.., were gonna trade for Big ben, were gonna trade with the browns, etc etc..

I think perhaps there is a realization we should all atleast distantly see.. Bradford or Suh.. they will most likely be a large improvement over what we have.. I started off in the SUh corner hard and strong.. but Bradford is growing on me not because of any arguements on the board but because people who have real experience in the NFL are being sold too.. Infact the only thing making me nervous about bradford is him not wanting to sign before the draft, .. and that has nothing to do with him but everything to do with his agent.. they are about money and that is what takes these kids into training camp hold outs not the players,(we'll bernie wanting him kinda makes me vote suh but that's just bias).. Anyway at this point I guess I really want to just ask all of us fans.. can we really get upset with either pick?? either way I embrace who we pick as a ram and if I can embrace hill, kennedy, mad mike's project trung.. How could I not embrace either of these..
2nd... Has anyone else wondered perhaps if the browns and steelers may be talking about the trades to help us not get bradford? If I was them I would making trade talk because it would be the only angle there is left to play in the sam sweepstakes.. anyone who watches football at all right now knows we are 90% bradford bound.. so I say ignore the rumers if you want bradford so the media gets no feedback and the news die's as quickly as it is fabricated..