Earl Thomas is and was a S... how did Blackmon go against him?
Do you honestly believe college DC's were single-teaming a 2-time Biletnikoff winner?
Aaron Williams he beat. Amukamara he beat. Hagg is terrible... Dennard got schooled all over the senior bowl, but hes talented. Quinton Carter is an in the box SS... Jonathan Nelson is terrible.
He produced big-time on every single one of them, and every single one of them is an NFL DB, regardless of your subjective evaluation.
And theres a reason not many including me know the last 2...
Then I suggest you study your draft prospects a little more.
So in other words the only people I'd give you is Amukamara, Dennard and Williams.
Not exactly an opinion you can "give". All of them are NFL DBs or NFL prospects.
I do not think he faced elite talent what so ever.
And I'm sorry, but that's incorrect. The volume of NFL DBs he faced during his college career can match any receiver out there. Bottomline: He produced against top-tier competition.
You know when you have to go digging for Safeties and "CB draft prospects" what 7th rounders?
Sosa, there's 120+ D-I football teams out there. Do you really believe there's some WR prospect that plays against 1st round DBs every week? There's something like 2% of college football players that make it in the NFL. That means 98% of the time these guys are playing against guys who will be out of football after college. And I just gave you a significant list of the 2%'ers that Blackmon has faced.
And that concludes my opinion.
Okay, partner; better luck next time.