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Thread: Is K. Mack Visit Part of Trade Scenario?

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    Is K. Mack Visit Part of Trade Scenario?

    He's in for a visit here, as well as in Jacksonville, and without doubt, Cleveland, Tampa Bay, Buffalo, and probably most importantly Atlanta would love to have him as their pick.

    I'm sure the Rams will put out that they are sky high for Mack, and that he OR Jadeveon Clowney would be their pick over the OT most feel they need most.

    I myself feel that Mack would be a terrific pick, a guy who would not be out of place as the consensus #1 guy Clowney.

    However, if a team in the top six offers what possibly a once a decade type guy like Mack, as far as upside, should get a team to trade down, I think Les Snead will pull the trigger, and then go OT with the first pick.

    The better Mack shows, the more competition to get him, the better for the Rams to get a great deal down value.

    Just like the more QBs that do go top 12 will help the Rams still get a blue chippper at 13.

    Les Snead and Jeff Fisher are definitely sitting pretty, and probably getting a lot of casual calls from their new "pals", the GMs of those teams wanting Mack.

    They are sitting so pretty at 2 and 13 in a draft pretty much set in stone as far as the top 13 to 15 players, that they really cannot mess it up, whether they trade or stand pat.

    Adding top three round picks would allow the Rams to take a QB higher than expected, for one thing, where you can get a really good one this year.

    It also allows them to take a safety early, and also get a guard, one of the best ones in a strong draft, in round two.

    It could even allow taking a receiver in round two, if one too good to pass up falls.

    Convincing those other teams that OT is not what they want at #2 is a big key right now to a strongly desired deal to get done.
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    Barry Waller

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    Re: Is K. Mack Visit Part of Trade Scenario?

    Barry, I'm curious, if Houston takes a QB at #1 as many expect now that the J. Clowney pro day madness has quieted a bit, would you take Mack or Clowney at #2 and why?

    Go Rams!

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    Re: Is K. Mack Visit Part of Trade Scenario?

    I'm not sure I'm getting your point here, Barry.

    You've described Clowney as "once in a generation."
    You now describe Mack as possibly being a "once in a decade" guy.

    If that is the case, why would the Rams trade out of the #2 spot at all?

    Or, are you saying that, because there will be at least one of these two "once in a ____" players when the #2 pick comes up, that you are confident that someone is going to offer the Rams a King's ransom?

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    Re: Is K. Mack Visit Part of Trade Scenario?

    I'm starting to fall in love with taking Khalil Mack. I'm torn whether we should roll with Greg Robinson or Khalil Mack. I know both of those guys will absolutely solidify one side of the trenches though and put us in contention. Both are very dominant players.

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    Re: Is K. Mack Visit Part of Trade Scenario?

    I'm very certain without having any inside knowledge that bringing in players makes other teams pay attention. Even if they know the same thing, who is to say this team will take that person based off a visit or not?

    I like Mack and would think he would make a great SOLB, Mack, L, 'Tree That would be a solid middle! Take a good Back side Gilbert/Dennard/Fuller/Clinton-Dix and that would be sweet. Get a OG in the 2nd and that helps with the line. Yeah, no big time OT to help out, but maybe not to say a OT further down still couldn't be a great pick. Just one way to look at it.

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