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    Kick Return / Punt Return

    Tavon Austin had a great Punt Return last night as most of us seen. It was well blocked, he took 1 step to the left and immediately turned it up field. Prior to this game Tavon had a chance at a Punt Return and danced like crazy running 40 yards side-to-side and yet only gaining about 2. I'm glad to see he learned from that and just took off here without trying to do that crap.

    Some won't want Austin back there at PR because he is a very valuable player, but that's what he was brought in to do. He is electric and I believe he will be back there all year.

    Kick Returner is another story. I'm sick of seeing Isaiah Pead back there. He is TERRIBLE at kickoffs. HORBBILE. I've never seen a player so indecisive and unable to read his blocks and follow his blockers. Benny Cunningham has shown a little bit of juice, but he's not a guy that will ever go for a TD.

    This is why I think we should go after Chris Williams, a WR/KR/PR from the CFL. This is very strange timing, but this dude is explosive. He is currently in a fight with his team (The Hamilton Tiger Cats) and he is holding out all year. In 2012 he absolutely lit the league up. This year (2013) he was scheduled to make $48,000 which is next to nothing for a guy like him. Here are some of his stats:


    2011: 70 receptions, 1,064 yards, 15.2 avg, 6 TD's.
    2012: 83 receptions, 1,298 yards, 15.6 avg, 11 TD's.


    2011: 12 attempts, 252 yards, 21.0 avg, 1 TD (Long of 93).


    2012: 78 attempts, 1,117 yards, 14.3 avg, 5 TD's.

    In 2012 he had 2,245 yards from scrimmage and 16 total TD's.

    He stands 5'8 and is 175 lbs (Does this remind you of anyone? Austin is 5'8 174 lbs). He is only 25 years old. He has been cut by the Miami Dolphins and the Cleveland Browns. The catch is he currently is sitting out and doing nothing. He is eligible to leave for the NFL next off-season. The only potential problem is that the CFL field is wider and longer, making it easier for him (much more space to operate). And yes, I know of this guy because I'm from Hamilton! The reason I'd like to see us bring him in is because we could strictly use him on KR and PR and allow guys like Tavon to stay fresh and have less chances to get injured. The Ti-Cats didn't want to use him on KR and PR because he was also the star receiver. We don't need him to be a WR here, he can strictly be a KR and PR. Just think about the impact Devin Hester has in a game.

    Here are just some of his big plays:

    .............And Oh yeah. He ran a 4.28 at the 2009 NFL combine.
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