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    Lance Kendricks .. did anyone notice ??

    That the draft commentators on espn stated that the Rams drafted Lance Kendricks as a pure pass catcher. They went on to say that the Rams had Daniel Fells to do the blocking along with Hoomanawanui, and Kendricks was only suited to being a pure receiver ..

    Pro Football Weekly Draft Preview certainly had a different view -- thought I'd share it with you:

    Positives: Sure-handed catcher - attacks the ball and highpoints it in the air with terrific spring in his legs and great body control. Outstanding athletic ability and movement skills. Stems off the line and releases cleanly with a very fluid stride. Can stretch the seam and escape linebackers against man coverage. Impressive weight-room strength -and it transfers surprisingly well to the field (you don't hear this very often - usually it's the other way around). Can lock on, run his feet and create movement in the run game -- willing, competitive blocker. Strikes on the move and can connect on the second level. Good competitor - consistently works to finish and decleats defenders when he has an angle. Very versatile--lines up on the line, flexed, split wide, in the wing and on the move, with experience at the "Y," "H'" "F" and FB positions. Very solid production and even factored on some reverses as a junior. Has a frame to grow into and upside to become a mismatch piece.

    Negatives: Lacks ideal bulk to handle base defensive ends in the pros and could stand to add some weight and improve lower-body mass. Can be bent backward and is not stout at the point of attack when matched against strength. Can sharpen his route running and is not overly creative after the catch to sidestep tacklers.

    Summary: Could use a year to add some more bulk, but really honed his instincts as a senior and should factor readily as a rookie and develop into a very solid all-around starter by his second season. Could even warrant some late first-round interest in a draft class that is short on TE talent.

    NFL projection: Top 50 pick

    I really like this pick!

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    Re: Lance Kendricks .. did anyone notice ??

    I love the idea of moving Kendricks all around the field to create mismatches. Line him up in-line, motion him into the backfield as a fullback, motion him out into the slot, etc. He's versatile and brings a lot to the table. The receivers we've added give this team the ability to go more four-wide and spread the field, but I think between Kendricks and Hoomanawanui, the Rams also have the ability to do more out of the two-TE set, which they already favored quite a bit in 2010, I've read.

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    Re: Lance Kendricks .. did anyone notice ??

    Watch his highlite video against Florida State. There is a sequence where following his catch and run for a big gain, he comes back and seals the edge from motion for the score. Another, after a long catch, throws the in motion block for the scoring run.

    I came away thinking that he is a nice pick up. Only issue for me was if he was selected to early. Irrelivant now though.
    Semper Fi!

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    Re: Lance Kendricks .. did anyone notice ??

    I do like that the guy is strong and a willing blocker. A lot of times you're giving up something in the running game by having your fast tight end in there, but if the guy's dangerous in both ways, it gives you maximum flexibility to mix it up without having to sub in for different packages. If Kendricks lives up to the hype, I don't think we'll be complaining about having taken a tight end a year from now.

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    Re: Lance Kendricks .. did anyone notice ??

    Kendricks is in the best position of all our draft picks to succeed. If he isnt the starter in week 1, Ill be very disappointed. I expect big things from this guy, the team needs him to play well.

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