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    Larry Fitzgerald's Worth

    Talking to a friend of mine, and we began talking about Larry Fitzgerald and what it would take for teams to trade for him. Of course, i started to think of what the Rams could do to acquire him. I know there are a lot of other factors, such as salary and the like (he is worth what he is getting paid) but what do you think is a realistic trade would be for the Rams to acquire Fitz?

    Also i don't care that they would "never trade within the division" because that makes this a lot less fun

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    Re: Larry Fitzgerald's Worth

    The Dolphins got two 3. rounders for Brandon Marshall. Being that we are division rivals and that Fitzgerald are equally good, I think we're looking at more then that. Also Fitzgerald is a real pro. Marshall can be a head case sometimes. I think that counts too.
    Two 2. rounders maybe? He is 29 years old though.

    Cardinals ain't going anywhere soon. If I were them I would ship him out and get picks to help the rebuilding process.

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    Re: Larry Fitzgerald's Worth

    after warner left, it's a shame he has no one to throw to him

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    Re: Larry Fitzgerald's Worth

    I would offer the second first rounder we have this year (currently, Washingtons pick). If that wouldn't do the trick, I would offer the first 1st rounder. And if that didnt work, I would offer Washingtons first and a 4th. I feel bad for for Fitz with that disaster in AZ, and would LOVE to see him in horns!!

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    Re: Larry Fitzgerald's Worth

    there is no way we give up a first rounder for a 30 year old coming off his worst year ever and who makes 15 million dollars?

    Why not just sign Bowe or Wallace? They are younger, cheaper and don't cost us a pick.

    I'd much rather have Chance Warmack and Bowe/Wallace then just Larry Fitzgerald.

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