Did all the numbers again, and here it how it should play out, barring some big upsets.

With Almost no races settled, and home field up for grabs, fantasy owners this year with a week 17 Super Bowl won't have their best guys sitting the last week, and huge upsets are less likely than some years

1. Houston 2-14 (would pick second if tied at 3-13 with Redskins if win over Tennessee)
2. Rams (Wash) 3-13 ( If Redskins beat NYG, Rams would pick no worse than 4th)
3. Jacksonvile 4-12
4. Oakland 4-12
5. Cleveland 4-12 (Tied with Oakland in opp record, coin toss may decide, could be big for Rams trade possibilities, as Oakland could take OT)
6. Atlanta 4-12
7. Tampa Bay 4-12
8. Minnesota 4-11-1 STILL picks here even at 5-10-1 if they beat Detroit
9. Buffalo 6-10
10. Tennessee 7-9
11. NYG 7-9 (9th or 10th if lose to Washington and go 6-10)
12. RAMS 7-9 (Would pick 18th with win over Seattle)
13. Green Bay 7-8-1 (18th if win over Chicago)
14. Detroit 8-8 (10th if Minny beats them)
15. Pittsburgh 8-8 (pick 11th if lose to Cleveland)
16. Baltimore 8-8 (pick after 21 if beat Cincy)
17. NYJ 8-8 ( pick 10th with loss to miami)
18. S.D. 8-8 (pick 19 to 21 with win over KC)

So the Rams look to pick 12th to 14th now if there are no huge upsets, and they lose to Seattle. Fairly large drop in selection number if they win.