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    LeFevour won't throw @ combine

    Combine: Dan LeFevour To Skip Passing Drills
    Written by Daniel Mogollon
    NFL Draft Bible
    Friday, 19 February 2010 19:10

    In an exclusive interview with the NFL Draft Bible, Central Michigan quarterback Dan LeFevour stated that he has elected not to participate in the passing drills next week during the NFL Scouting Combine.

    “I’ll be doing (pretty much) everything except throwing at the combine,” LeFevour said of his plans.

    The passing drills have drawn criticism in years past as some quarterbacks have more of a comfort zone throwing to their own wide outs at their school Pro Day.

    “I will focus solely on throwing at Pro Day,” LeFevour added. “Just getting focused with that…only having one thing to do on Pro Day and being able to work with my receivers up at school that are coming out. Putting everything I have into that aspect of it.”

    The former Chippewa will be participating in certain drills, primarily those that show off his footwork.

    LeFevour says the fact that the consensus top two quarterbacks—Oklahoma’s Sam Bradford and Notre Dame’s Jimmy Clausen—aren’t throwing had no impact on his decision.

    “I felt this is what’s best for me.”

    Overall, the record-setting signal caller seemed relaxed and confident about next week’s events in Indianapolis.

    “As a quarterback you look forward to the whole experience, not just one aspect of it,” LeFevour said of the combine. “You have to be well-rounded enough to handle it all. I’m looking to soak in everything that’s going to come at me.”

    Even the dress down and weigh-in?

    “Even that,” LeFevour said with a laugh. “I’ll embrace that as well.”

    For those of you who want a sneak peak, LeFevour says he expects to check in at about 6’3” and 230 pounds, which were his measurements at the Senior Bowl.

    He will run, but hasn’t come to an official decision on whether or not he will participate in the bench press. When asked if could throw up more reps than Western Michigan’s Tim Hiller, the Central Michigan product chuckled.

    “Maybe we can have a MAC combine just for quarterbacks, so we can do all sorts of strange contests.”

    What would he say if asked why a team should draft him to lead their franchise?

    “You have to look at my history,” the Illinois native began. “I have probably more playing experience than any other quarterback in the draft. We’ve had a lot of success as a team and I’ve had individual success as well. I feel strongly about the person that I am and what I’m capable of doing.”

    LeFevour gave himself B- for his performance at the Senior Bowl, believing there were things he did well, but also room for improvement—mainly adjusting to playing under center. The Central Michigan man spoke of different vantage points, vision, drops, rhythm and footwork.

    But if you believe LeFevour has more to prove than quarterbacks like Bradford, Colt McCoy or Tony Pike because he didn’t play in a BCS conference, think again.

    “I don’t think the spotlight was bigger anywhere else. We were a Division I team just like everyone else.”

    LeFevour immediately went into combine mode following the GMAC Bowl, preparing for what will be the biggest interview of his life.

    While his regiment still entailed running and lifting, the focus was different. Now the former MAC quarterback is suddenly preparing for the 40-yard dash and 20-yard shuttle. That’s quite different than making sure he’s following through properly when throwing an out route.

    “You’re training really for some events,” LeFevour said.

    How apropos that “event training” seems during Olympic time.

    However, unlike an Olympic athlete, LeFevour will not be participating in what would be considered his main event. He will not throw the football at the combine.

    Bit of a surprise. It's not abnormal for the top signal caller(s) to choose not to participate simply because there's so much to lose. Neither Matt Ryan nor Matthew Stafford threw at the combine if I'm remembering correctly, and I remember reports of Sanchez not looking good when he participated.

    But LeFevour is at best a second or third round QB right now and certainly hasn't completely solidified himself as one of the draft's Top Five QBs. Sure, a poor showing could hurt the momentum LeFevour has gained from the Senior Bowl, but unlike previous top prospects, he could still really help his stock with a good showing. I would have liked to see him come out throwing, in part to try and get a better idea about his arm strength in comparison with other prospects.

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    Re: LeFevour won't throw @ combine

    Arm strength will only be important if/when Avery learns how to haul in deep balls consistently. Otherwise, if he can't throw it 50 yards, I don't really care.

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    Re: LeFevour won't throw @ combine

    Quote Originally Posted by PeoriaRam View Post
    Arm strength will only be important if/when Avery learns how to haul in deep balls consistently. Otherwise, if he can't throw it 50 yards, I don't really care.
    Arm strength is not all about how far the QB can throw. It's also a measurement of how much zip and velocity he can get on the short and medium passes, because that is vital for a QB to have success in the NFL. It doesn't matter if the guy is accurate. If he doesn't have enough zip in his passes, they'll get jumped on all day by NFL corners and safeties.

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