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    Re: A legitimate "You Heard It Here First"

    Quote Originally Posted by HUbison View Post
    These three players will be selected by the Rams in April 2009:

    1. Michael Oher, OT, Ole Miss - This 6'5", 330 lb. OT almost came out for the '08 draft, and would have pushed Jake Long for the top OT spot. He will be a top 5 pick, probably top 3, maybe #1 overall. Oher could be what Pace has been, and what Barron could have been. And yes, sadly, the Rams may have a shot at him.
    I've been wondering about the wisdom of taking an O-Lineman this high in the draft for a while now. Let me explain my position. In looking at the consisitently successful (playoff-caliber) teams it is very noteworthy that most, if not all, do NOT have high first round draft picks in the their starting O-line. If memory serves this includes the following teams: New England, Indy, San Diego, Pitt, Jax? (not sure on this one), Dallas, NY Giants, Green Bay (um..see note for Jax). I'll certainly grant you that playoff teams like Seattle and Tampa Bay do have first round picks in their lines, but they seem to be the minority at this point. I'm not sure if this is a legitimate trend or just an anomaly, but I think it bears some serious Clan-like discussions.

    Also, while an Oher would be a great pickup, I can't help but wonder what a NE or Indy or some other perennial playoff team would do with a pick in the top five of the draft.


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    Re: A legitimate "You Heard It Here First"

    From 2000, of the 30 Offensive linemen drafted only 7 haven't started for their teams, or have been huge busts (Robert Gallery, Mike Williams). That still gives you a 77% success rate at the position. Which I'm willing to bet the house, is better than other positions.

    Is Drafting an Offensive Lineman in the First Round Overrated? | Bleacher Report

    Further more there were 8 O-linemen drafted in the first year of this draft.

    And 1999 it get's a little worse but uh, not every year has it's gems, Orlando Pace, Tarik Glenn, William Thomas were drafted first round.

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