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    Lets make up for our mistake

    Lets sign Bruce for one year and let him retire as a STL Ram...

    I still feel sorry for what I did for him, we need a Vet WR anyway. I am sure bruce can help us a little bit....What do you guys think

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    Re: Lets make up for our mistake

    Would be a classy thing to do. I wonder if Isaac Bruce has any thoughts of coaching.

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    Oshiomogho Guest

    Re: Lets make up for our mistake

    Bruce was one of the great rams there has ever been and deserves to retire as a ram. And besides, its not like we have to much talent at receiver...

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    3STL9 Guest

    Re: Lets make up for our mistake

    "There were times when Kurt Warner's or Marshall Faulk's star shone more brightly in St. Louis. The contributions of Rams players such as Torry Holt and Orlando Pace won't soon be forgotten, either.
    But if you had to pick just one player who truly exemplified the "St. Louis" Rams - the incredible highs and lows, and everything in between - how could it be anyone but Isaac Bruce?
    He was the last "LA" Ram to survive the franchise move to St. Louis - by years. He was the team's first Pro Bowler in St. Louis and only star in the early years here. And when the team's fortunes changed dramatically at the turn of the millennium, Bruce was in the thick of things.
    He always seemed to show in the big games. Be it his four-touchdown day when the Rams snapped their 17-game losing streak against San Francisco. Or his dramatic game-winning touchdown against Tennessee to win Super Bowl XXXIV.
    Bruce ran amazing routes. And even in his later years, his change-of-direction skills were unsurpassed. He was a fierce yet graceful competitor. But time catches up with even the most gifted athletes, and Bruce's time has come.
    It is all but a certainty that Sunday's game at the Edward Jones Dome will be Bruce's last as an NFL player. Bruce, 37, basically conceded as much Wednesday on a conference call with St. Louis reporters.
    "As far as this being my last game ... I'm probably about, I'll say, 75 percent sure," Bruce said. "But there's that 25 percent though."
    But those close to Bruce say he's much closer to 100 percent sure than 75 percent. How fitting, then, that in the 10th anniversary of the Rams' Super Bowl championship season, it looks like Bruce will close his career in the city where he spent 13 of his 16 NFL seasons.
    "I'm always excited to go back to St. Louis," Bruce said. "To go back to the dome. Be on that turf again. The fans. And see the employees that work for the Rams right now, that run that building. Just being in that atmosphere again. Seeing the banners that hang from the rafters, that's always exciting to me."
    Obviously, Bruce played a big role in many of those banners. All eight of his 1,000-yard seasons, all four Pro Bowl campaigns, and all but a relative handful of his catches and yards came playing for the blue and gold.
    When he saw highlights of the Rams wearing their '99 throwback uniforms earlier this season, Bruce said: "I got chills all over. ... Those were the colors I came in with. I think we should've never changed 'em."
    He has spent the past two seasons playing in San Francisco, but yes, Bruce still refers to the Rams as "we" on occasion. He still has a home in St. Louis, and will always have a warm spot for the city and its fans in his heart.
    "I just want to reiterate that I always loved the St. Louis Rams fans," Bruce said. "The fans have been there since we came in 1995. And they have been true to the football program and organization that's there in St. Louis.
    Damn why did we ever let him go,, I really want to write a letter to bruce and apolozie for what the rams did to him, as a fan...

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    Re: Lets make up for our mistake

    He was THE GREAT RAM. I remember Tony Banks skipped the ball to him on a 10yrd out route after he had toarched the CB on him, and all he did was laugh, shook his head and lined up for the next play, even with all the crap the Rams have put on the field he was always a winner.

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    Re: Lets make up for our mistake

    sign him to a 1 day contract so he can retire as a ram and possibly turn into a WR coach..

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