“I think you really put more of your emphasis, when you are looking at need right away, it’s more the free agent market, the current players in the league,” Linehan said. “When you get into the combine, you’re looking for the best players. You’re going to stack the best players, regardless of the need we have on our team. So, you’re not going to go over somebody to pass up a great player.”

"As Linehan and the staff evaluate the needs of the team this season, it is obvious that the majority of the team’s needs are on defense with particular attention to the secondary and linebacker. Linehan also said the team will look to improve at tight end, on the interior of the offensive line and the backup quarterback situation".

After reading this, taking Davis in the draft is not totally out of the question. Who knows what we can get done in FA, maybe a TE would look like a safe pick after FA maybe not.