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    Lions Please Pick Stafford

    At this point I don't think they will go QB, because some guys have really stepped up, mainly Jason Smith and Aaron Curry. IMO these guys should be 1 and 2 on our board. The best offensive player in the draft plays at the teams biggest offensive weakness and the best defensive player in the draft may be able to play at the teams biggest defensive weakness. If the Lions pick Stafford the Rams will have their pick of the 2. Right now I have Smith numero uno and Curry a close second.

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    Re: Lions Please Pick Stafford

    At this point for the Rams, I think it's down to Jason Smith, Eugene Monroe, and Aaron Curry.

    I think Smith and Monroe are really neck and neck for that first tackle spot; both had good showings at the combine and look like they could lock down the left tackle position for the next decade. Smith really opened some eyes with his 33 reps on the bench, mine included. I love his attitude and potential, but I think he's more of a work in progress than Monroe is.

    IMO, Monroe is the guy you draft if you trade or cut Pace because he can step in immediately and contribute at a high level. If you keep Orlando, then you start looking at Jason Smith because that affords you the time it would take to really work on his technique and get him used to blocking out of a three-point stance.

    Then you've got Curry, who is just a beast. Nearly 6'2" and 254 pounds of pure athlete. He's the kind of player that can really be the face of your defense for years to come. The question still remains though, can a team afford to spend that much money on a linebacker? It's not one of those high paying positions so it may still be tough for a team to pull the trigger there.

    To me, any of these three guys would be just outstanding picks for the Rams.

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