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13 is really a tough position to be in. Especially in this draft. Nick makes a good point, go to 6th with Washington. That way, you get either DT that is available, and you really don't break the bank with the trade.

C'mon people....the Rams have to take some risk in order to win this year. While we all agree going the Daniel Snyder route doesn't work, every team can't be the Patriots and have that much luck spending no money.

You know who could move up to the two spot and become really scary? The Ravens. What if they move up to #2 and snag the QB they have desperately wanted? If Quinn somehow goes to that team, they are solid for years to come. He can sit back this year and watch McNair then take over next year. That D is still pretty young.
The Rams do not have to move up to get scary they can move down and get a host of good young players and really help the defense.