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    Lions want Watkins? Mock with Rams/Lions trade

    I've heard lots of buzz the past few days about the Lions being interested in Sammy Watkins. Is this legit or just smoke, who knows. I figure that if the Lions do have interest in Watkins though, #2 is where they would need to get to in order to draft him. So I've tried to do a mini mock with a couple Rams trades to see how it works out.

    1. Hou- J. Clowney
    2 TRADE
    - Lions receive #2, #153
    - Rams receive #10, #45, #189, 2015 First round pick
    Det- S Watkins
    3. Jax- K. Mack
    4. Cle- J. Manziel
    5. Oak- G. Robinson
    6 TRADE
    - Rams receive #6
    - Falcons receive #10, #75
    Stl- J. Matthews

    So, in the end with this scenario, the Rams would have Jake Matthews, #13, #44, #45, #110, #188, #214, #226, #241, #249, #250 and Detroit's 2015 1st round pick.

    I honestly see the Vikings, Bills, and Lions as the most likely trade partners for the Rams because they are currently on the outside looking in of where the elite players are. Minnesota would be looking for a Qb, Buffalo for K. mack, and Detroit for Watkins. If we could pull off a trade with one of them, and then trade back into the top 6-7, I think that would be a best case scenario.

    Any thoughts on this?

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    Re: Lions want Watkins? Mock with Rams/Lions trade

    I'm not sure I see that happening. Not so much the down to 10 part, which I would not be happy with, its the moving up to the Falcons. The Falcon's line stinks and I think they would stay put and take Matthews if they couldn't get their hands on Clowney and Mack. Think if we did drop to 10 we could take either Lewan/Gilbert/Evans, or even Donald there.

    I don't like that scenerio rather stay in the 1-6 range, 7 at the lowest.

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    Re: Lions want Watkins? Mock with Rams/Lions trade

    I would be happy with that trade scenario but I would not trade back up...
    Hopefully Lewan is there at 10 if not we go with BPA that fits our needs and use some of our low end picks to move back up into the 4th or 5th round later in the draft that is how I envision this thing. As I said before I like this draft allot and not just the top 7 guys so for me it is all good and we got our 2015 first rounder with a bonus 2nd & 4th for this year! That would be amazing to me, hope Les can pull it off!

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    Re: Lions want Watkins? Mock with Rams/Lions trade

    Not happening. If the Rams feel Jake Matthews is their guy and is a "cant miss" prospect, they won't play games and drop down so far only to try to come up again. Too madden-esque.

    The lowest I bet they'll drop (if they are truly interested in Matthews' services) are 4 or 6, and they'd have to grade Matthews, Robinson, Watkins, and Mack very similar as any of these guys could be the choice.

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