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Thread: As Long As We Are Dreaming

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    As Long As We Are Dreaming

    How about this scenario.

    The Rams re-sign Saffold and Williams, and decide they better keep Wells to anchor the line.

    They like Barrksdale enough to stay with him at RT.

    You have the guards to fill in if Long isn't ready right away, with Saffold going to LT.

    This would be a dream scenario for the Rams. Why?

    Because though this draft is not great in positions the Rams would then need, it is one of the best top 64 in positions the Rams could use.

    So lets say you are Les Snead, and now you plan is to acqure as many top 60 picks as possible by dealing down, with no player in mind eaither very early, or even mid round.

    Let's say you deal that 2nd overall to 6th, and get a #2 and #3 this year, and #1 in 2015 from Atlanta.

    THEN you deal down again, like they did in 2012, and add another mid round second this year .

    Now that 13th is your first pick, and you have another 1st still plus three second rounders one very high.

    Let's say CB . D. Dennard flys up the draft boards. It's doubtful, looking at the top teams and their needs, that he would go before 13,

    A receievr, if one of the top three or four is on the board might be hard to resist, with these extra picks in the bag, plus your mid round and late round guys.

    I think Fisher would go CB though, unless some ball hawking safety really started looking great.

    Now, with that late first rounder, you look DB, even if you took a CB first, with a glance at the WR and C/G who may be there too.

    You also have all these picks, and one in rd 2, even that first one used on a young passer would not be a waste if the right guy falls, like McCarren.

    You have THREE second rounders, in a really nice crop at many positions.

    Looking at my own early draft board, lets say you have taken Mike Evans and a cornerback, hopefully Dennard, in round one.

    Now if I am drafting , lets say I take center Travis Swanson at pick 37, then I go for LaMarcus Joyner, the FSU big play safety at 44. WIth that third #2 pick, I take DT WIll Sutton or Ego Ferguson, or possibly a linebacker like Van Noy or Shazier if one drops.

    might even look hard at that RB group, that will start flying off the board early in round two again.

    The last five round , i'm looking for OL depth, DB depth, and a young passer, if I didn't get lucky and have one with a first round grade fall to the Rams in Rd 2.

    Wouldn't a guy like Tajh Boyd be a real change up type as a backup to Bradford?

    Now I go into 2015 draft with two #1 again, and almost no holes to fill.

    So there IS a path to the Rams being able to NOT take an offensive lineman #1.

    It's all up to the agents now and Mr. Demoff now.

    Make my dream come true here, please.
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    Barry Waller

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    Re: As Long As We Are Dreaming

    If things fell as you suggest and or hope... I could see allot of this happening to be sure, and would be surprised if some of what you say does not take place in some fashion. Thanks for sharing this BW, some food for thought in there. For my own taste I hope we get one of the tackles available in this draft I just see it as a deep one and think we could use the depth for sure. But as you said it is all up to the agents and Rams front office to iron this stuff out.

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    Re: As Long As We Are Dreaming

    It looks like four of our starting five linemen have missed major time over the last three seasons and we don't have quality depth. It looks like Zac Stacy isn't going to get holes opened for him and Bradford is going to be running for his life or picking himself up off the ground.

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