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Thread: Look For 2015 Picks in Trade Offers

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    Look For 2015 Picks in Trade Offers

    The strength of this draft makes teams with high second rounders, the usual first part of a trade up scenario early in round one, really having a hard time parting with those picks.

    However, there are three or four players worth trading up for, several teams wanting to trade down a bit, and several teams looking to trade up for a good price, one not including their second rounder t his year.

    If the Rams say, really want an offensive tackle first, but only if they also get something else as well, something very good, a deal makes sense.

    So if Atlanta, the most likely team to be able to cut a quick, but also previously discussed deal with the Rams, could give the Rams what Les Senad loves, another two first rounder draft in 2015, by offering just a fourth rounder this year, but his #1 in 2015, to move from 6th to 2nd.

    If the Rams are not taking Sammie Watkins or Khalil Mack, then I take that deal and still get Robinson or Mathews.

    Having two firsts in 2015 could really give them some ammunition for a trade up if that's a necessity to get , say a QB.

    There will be teams offering their #1 next year, for a second this year, something New England has done in the past.

    Compared to the way they are feeling about 2014 picks, teams couldl be throwing 2015 picks around like nickels in first round trade up deals.
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    Barry Waller

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    Re: Look For 2015 Picks in Trade Offers

    I would still hope for a number 2 somehow. 1st next year is always nice, but what are the chances that Atlanta bombs like Washington did, or close to that. They were a playoff team the year before, if they stay healthy and with the edition of whoever they get for our spot might make the 1st rounder way late in the draft. That said I understand why people don't want their number 2 gone but it should be apart of it. The price of moving up!

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    Re: Look For 2015 Picks in Trade Offers

    I think Barry makes a good point and one that has been mentioned before...
    Also I can think of Les speaking about enjoying having 2 first round pics and not sure how he would deal with only having one again! He is so spoiled now! LOL
    However for that move it might cost more than just that first and a fourth this year, just my thoughts.

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