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    Look To Future Mock Offseason

    The Rams have a 2012 Cap of $125.675 million
    Rams are at $110 million with $6.5 million going towards draft leaving $9 million to spend on free agents and resignings

    Fred Robbins (saving $4 million)
    Jason Brown (after July 1 costing $4.4 against 2013 cap and saving $5 mil for 2012)
    Brandon Gibson (he could go to camp)

    Jason Smith to $4 million salary making cap hit of $7.3 and saving $6 million – He has only $1 million of guaranteed money left and won’t make anything near $4 million from another team.
    Now there is $24 Million to spend

    Cudjo - DT
    Stewart - S
    Wragge - G/C
    Amendola - WR
    Clemens QB
    Donnie Jones P

    Vincent Jackson WR Chargers6 year contract worth $56 million with $15 million signing bonus and yearly salary of 7, 8, 9, 8, 6, 3.
    He would only be $3-4 million more of a cap hit than Lloyd and is much more of a scoring threat. Give Sam some consistent weapons that he can grow with for years, and he is a weapon. This is the most the Rams can conceivably give up, so if he doesn’t like this offer Lloyd can be offered a contract with a 5-7 million dollar hit.
    Jason Jones DT Titans – A great penetrating DT who had his best years playing with Fisher, and who played out of position last year. Won’t be too expensive, will want to play his natural position with his old coach, and fills a huge need.
    Martellus Bennett TE Cowboys – He was a favorite of Jerry Jones but didn’t pan out as much as he should have despite his physical skills. Can be good paired with Kendricks who is a great blocker and can only grow as a pass catcher.
    Tony Fiammetta FB Cowboys (right of first refusal tender) – If the Cowboys tender him (it won’t be a first or second round tender) than the Rams can make an offer. He is a good blocker and created huge openings for Murray last year. After watching Brit Miller miss blocks and create no room, it would be nice to give Jackson some running lanes in Schotty’s system.
    Chris Hope S TitansCan finish his career helping the Rams as a situational safety and a good backup for Fisher’s defense. The Titans will probably try to resign Babineaux and leave Hope to free agency.
    Jo-Lonn Dunbar OLB SaintsBrings some familiarity to the defensive scheme and can start if he has to. A good depth player to have, who is an upgrade over Chamberlain without the upgrade price.

    Rams trade 1.2 to Redskins for 1.6, 3.6, 2013 1st, 2013 6th
    Redskins select RG3
    Rams trade 1.6 to Cowboys for 1.14, 3.19, 5.17, 2013 2nd
    Cowboys select Morris Claiborne
    1.14 Rams select Kendall Wright – WR Baylor – In the NFL, speed kills. Torrey Smith, Desean Jackson, Percy Harvin, Mike Wallace are examples of speed demons who can torch a team on any play. His size, 6 foot 190 pounds, might be a concern, but he’s tough and plays bigger than his size. He isn’t afraid to go over the middle and catch in traffic. Just find ways to give him the ball and let him be electric. He pairs pretty nicely with opposite wideout Vincent Jackson.
    Rams trade 2.1 to Detroit for 2.22, 5.23, 2013 1st
    Detroit selects Mohamed Sanu
    2.22 Rams select David Wilson – RB VTech – Another example of speed, and a player who can break it lose on any play. Jackson is skill the bell cow, so Wilson will only have around 10 carries a game to make plays, and with a fast and shifty back it only takes one.
    3.2 Rams select Kendall Reyes – DT Conn – Has a lot of good speed and can make plays. Can easily turn into a better version of Jason Jones, and with good coaching he could make an amazing value pick.
    3.6 Rams select Sean Spence – OLB Miami – At 6 foot and 225 pounds, he is a little undersized. However, when he’s on the field he’s all over it. He constantly makes big plays and while he might not be a 3 down player, he will prove his position when he is on the field.
    3.19 Rams select Senio Kelemente OG Wash – A raw player with a mean streak and a very strong lower half who can push defenders. Sounds familiar, but this isn’t the second overall pick and he’s not playing tackle. He should make a smooth transition to guard and add another grating guard to go with Dahl. He needs to be coached on his footwork to highlight his athleticism.
    4.1 Rams select Keenan Robinson – OLB Texas – Another good player drops to the Rams. He has great size, 6 foot 3 and 240 pounds, speed and athleticism. He never has been a dominant player, but he has good upside and has enough talent to instantly upgrade the linebacking corps.
    5.17 Rams select Joe Long – OT Wayne StateA division II star with good size and whose arms live up to his name. Can be a good prospect to make a right tackle. His brother is a first overall pick in Jake Long, so he has some good tackle genetics.
    5.23 Rams select Chris Rainey – RB Florida – Rainey is lightning fast, untouchable fast. He is undersized, but adds electricity to the speedy dome turf. He might run in the 4.2s at the combine, and can play anywhere on the field like a McCluster or a Harvin. Has the ability to play special teams, and has blocked a whopping 6 punts in college. Dropping this far because of his tiny stature, he is a riskless pick with a huge upside if he can let his speed translate into the NFL.
    6.1 Rams select T-Bob Hebert – C LSU – A big center for a power-blocking scheme, and he played well when given the opportunity (and when not injured). The Rams aren’t finding a Konz type center in the sixth round anyway, so they can take a shot. If so than he can be a backup center.
    7.2 – Rams select Chris Pantele – TE Boston College – Good size and room to improve. Can make the team playing on special teams.
    7.40 – Rams select John Brantley – QB Florida – Can go on the practice squad and try and improve his mechanics and accuracy.

    In 2013 Rams have 3 first round selections and 2 second round selections. They now have good foundational players, and have the resources to upgrade any position with blue chip players. They will also have the ability to move on from players that they don’t have the ability to move on from this year (Jason Smith, Hall, ect..)

    QB – Bradford, Clemens, Brantley
    RB – Jackson, Wilson, Rainey, Porter, Reynolds
    FB - Fiammetta
    TE – Kendricks, Hoomanawanui, Bennett, Pantele Cosby, Guidugli, McNeill
    WR – Wright, Jackson, Amendola, Alexander, Pettis, Salas, Chiles, Miller
    T – Saffold, Long, J. Smith, Mckee, Welch
    G – Dahl, Kelemente, Hughes
    C – Wragge, Hebert, Barnes
    DE – Hall, Long, Quinn, Sims
    DT – Bannan, Reyes, Jason Jones, Cudjo, Scott, Banks
    ILB – Laurinaitis, Hull
    OLB - Spence, Robinson, Dunbar, Nixon, Cole
    CB – Bartell, Fletcher, Murphy, Marquis Johnson, Gordy, Ness, Burney, Jackson, Smith
    S - Stewart, Dahl, Mikell, Hope
    K – Brown
    P – Jones
    KR/PRRainey, Wright, Amendola
    LS – McQuaide

    -------------Kendricks --- Saffold Kelemente Wragge Dahl Long --------------------------- Wright
    V Jackson ----------------------------------- Bradford ---------------------Amendola-------------------
    ------------------------------------------------S Jackson-----------------------------------------------------

    Bartell ---------------------------- Quinn Bannan Jones Long --------------------------------Fletcher
    ---------------------------Robinson ----- Laurinaitis ------ Spence--------------------------------------
    ---------------- Stewart ------------------------------------------------------- Mikell --------------------
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