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    Look For Some RB to move up to Round One

    The last few drafts seem to be slim on highly drafted RBs, with maybe one cracking the top 15.

    While this year looks to be no different, the quality and productivity of this bunch could cause a team that is already good to go that way earlier than expected. There looks to be six or seven backs who will go from late round one to mid round two

    The Giants certainly will be looking for a starting back, with David Wilson highly questionable with neck surgery clouding his career.

    Would they go for one 12th overall? Sesm a deal down first might be done first.

    The Jets pick 18th, and also need a running back, as does Miami, picking 19th.

    With the pick they got from Indy, Cleveland may well draft Trent Richardson's replacement, or they could wait till their own 2nd, just a few selections later.

    Is Dallas sure they have THE guy there?

    That would be a bit of a risk though, because some playoff clubs could really use a back.

    Even Seattle and the Niners, with good backs in place, teams that rely on the running ga,e a lot, could be looking at this bunch as early as the first round.

    The Saints need a top back still, and the Ravens might need to start looking for Rice's replacement.

    Early in round two, Jacksonville seems sure to take a RB to replce Jones-Drew, who was picked around that spot. If Cleveland hasn't taken a RB yet, they will almost certainly get one early in round two.

    If they still have a second rounder, the Falsons may look to get Steven Jackson's replacement there.

    It could get really interesting once a RB or two comes off the board, and interesting till t hen to see how they stack up rank wise.

    Barry Waller

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    Re: Look For Some RB to move up to Round One

    Honestly I think with all the O Lineman and QB's that will be going in round one I dont see a RB until the middle or bottom round 2.

    And your question about Dallas having the right guy. I would love to see Murray in Rams colors so I wouldn't have to watch him run over us for a buck seventy five or two hundred....

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    Re: Look For Some RB to move up to Round One

    The positional possibility is there, but who is the talent that's going to be worthy of the pick? In today's NFL, I don't see a team reaching for a RB out of need, so it would have to be a situation of a guy being too good of value to pass up. As there does not seem to be a consensus first round RB in this class, that's a hard scenario to picture at this point in time.

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    Re: Look For Some RB to move up to Round One

    I'm with Nick. I just don't see it, for the simple fact that there is no "can't miss" prospect at RB this year, and solitary RB's have never been so... well, worthless. You list teams that don't have workhorse backs and their backs maybe don't have the durability that they would like, but that doesn't mean at all that they will reach early.

    I could go into each team and assess their needs above getting a running back(and I started), but suffice to say that in today's NFL, you can get value in RB's much lower in the draft where you can just throw them away after a couple years of wear and tear. Between commitees and the increased passing game, backs don't hold the value that they once did. I see none going in the first.
    I believe!

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    Re: Look For Some RB to move up to Round One

    Workhorseback, this isn't your daddy's NFL anymore!

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