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    Mack in this Year's Wild Card

    Khalil Mack is this year's Von Miller, a player that scouts loved on tape, who blew everyone away with their physical abilities. By the time Miller was done rising, he was the second overall pick, after only Cam Newton.

    I think if you asked any scout about the pass rushers in this draft, as far as which player will have the most sacks this year, Mack would get the nod over Clowney.

    Like Miller, Mack showed that he can play linebacker in ANY scheme and excell, and drops into coverage like a safety according to Mike Mayock.

    Miller and Mack have nearly identical measurements and combine numbers, all plus plus efforts.

    Mayock puts Mack ahead of Clowney for the top pick, and there is no question that a smart defensive coordinator can make great use of his skills right away.

    I believe that even if Clowney goes first, a team like the Buccanneers may come calling wth the Rams on the clock. Mack is that good, good enough to make the Browns think about replacing D. Jackson with a real stud, and Buffalo is not far from Cleveland.

    The thing is, if I am the Rams, especially if free agency provided a couple starters, I would be fine with taking Mack, who would give the Rams something they have missed since Leonard Little, a similar type athlete, was a linebacker.

    Let's suppose the Rams fill their safty and CB needs with free agents, one a top tier guy, another a solid veteran on a short term deal.

    Let's suppose they add a guy like Hakeem Nicks on a one year deal.

    Let's suppose Smith, Williams, Dunbar, Clemens, are brought back at low ap number.

    If all that happened, not impossible to be sure, the Rams draft is opened up, and maybe extra picks aren't as necessary.

    With the line the Rams have, Mack , in a Gregg Williams defense, would be a 12 sack guy as a rookie, and he isn't just a sack master.

    If the Rams take care of business in free agency as I pointed out

    They could go Mack at #2, Lewan at #13, and BPA at DT, CB, G, WR in rd 2.

    If Lewan is gone, some one very good will be there and you either go BPA or trade down a bit and take Z. Martin . If he goes, then maybe trade again for the right price, or take BPA there at need spots.

    It's clear to me that except for the QBs, the top 10 players, the top tier, consists of:

    Mack LB
    Clowney DE
    Robinson T
    Watkins WR
    Matthews T
    Evans WR
    Lewan T
    Gilbert CB
    Mosely LB
    Barr LB

    So if the three QB's or even 4 if Carr goes are taken in the top 12, the Rams would surely get one of those top 10 at 13. Only Barr would not be a fit.

    You are gonna get two of that bunch even if you move down from #2 to #6, 8 or 12., as long as the QBs all go.

    So do you trade down from 13 and not get one of that top tier and instead get a second tier guy and a solid second rounder?

    My next group is:
    TE Ebron
    WR Cooks
    WR Lee
    DT Donald
    DE Ealy
    LB Ford
    T Martin

    Then my next group:
    Benjamin WR
    Beckham WR
    Nix DT
    Jernigan DT
    Dennard CB
    Clinton Dix S
    Pryor S
    Hageman DT
    Verett CB
    Shazier LB
    Roby CB
    Lawrence DE/LB

    And My solid second rounders, where this draft is really packed with good players.
    Hyde RB
    Crichton DE
    C. Smith DE
    S. Tuitt DE
    D. Easley DT
    T. Murphy LB
    K. Fuller CB
    D. Adams WR
    Seferian Jenkins TE
    D. Yankey G
    M. Moses T
    Z. Sua Filo G
    G. Jackson G
    J. Landry WR
    J. Ward S
    J. Mathews WR
    B. Thomas OL
    T. Niklas TE
    J. Garopollo QB
    C. Kovandjio T
    J Amaro TE
    P. Richardson WR
    A. Robinson WR
    B. Sankey RB
    H. Hill RB
    Quarles DT
    T. Mason RB
    M. Roberson CB
    K. Van Noy LB
    C. Richardson G
    D. Buchanon S
    D. Bailey S

    Barry Waller

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    Re: Mack in this Year's Wild Card

    I could see Houston if they don't trade down taking Mack #1 over Clowney. Unlike Clowney Mack is a natural fit for their 3-4 system and will be a monster in that defense. Rumors have it the Texans are looking to sign a FA QB like McCown or trade for Mallet then they can draft a QB at the top of the 2nd round. If the Rams ran a 3-4 I'd love to have him in Horns the guys going to be a beast.

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