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    Re: Manny Lawson at #11 ?

    Taylor has definitely panned out well, but I would be cautious in pointing to Taylor's success as a reason why we shouldn't worry about Lawson's size. Taylor's success proves it can be done, not necessarily that it will in this instance or that it's altogether common.

    I think if the Rams plan on moving to the 3-4 base in the near future, Lawson would be a great selection. But if they're content on staying in the 4-3 and only using the 3-4 sparringly, I'm just not sure that Lawson brings enough to the table in that situation to warrant a first round pick for us.

    If the 3-4 defense is a situational defense for the Rams, do we really want to spend a first round pick on a situational player?

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    Re: Manny Lawson at #11 ?

    it would be a waste to use a 1st on a situational player...

    but, i guess, i'm taking a long-term approach to drafting players...i can see lawson taking 2 or 3 years to grow into an impact player at OLB or DE...

    and in the mean time, fill in as situational pass rusher on the leftside (hargrove) and win the SLB spot over coakley and r. smith...

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