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Thread: Manny Lawson

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    Manny Lawson

    I was looking at info on this guy. He's over 6-5 and about 241 lbs. He runs a 4.43 40.

    I have a few questions for Nick and the other draftniks.

    1.) This guy has great speed, what would keep him from being a good OLB in the NFL?

    2.) Would this be a good pick for the Rams at 11?

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    Re: Manny Lawson

    1) lbs need great instincts, lateral quickness and ability to shed off of blockers well to do well in the nfl...pure speed is not the most important; look at the bear's lance briggs who ran a 4.8 at his proday several years back but last season was voted to the probowl along with urlacher...

    2) a good pick, yes...a great pick, probably not mainly because there may be better players at that slot...

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    Re: Manny Lawson

    My take on Lawson is that he is a big time boom or bust player. The reasons he might not be a good OLB are that 1) he has never been much of a force against the run, 2) he has rarely shown pass rush moves other than the speed rush, and 3) he hasn't been used in coverage.

    Even when his team did drop a DE into coverage they preferred to use the bigger, slower Mario Williams, which might say something about what they thought of his coverage abilities. He has the speed to keep up with a tight end, but he doesn't have the experience. I think 11 would be a bit early, and personally I see DeMarcus Ware as the exception rather than the rule when it comes to DEs seamlessly switching to OLB.

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    Re: Manny Lawson

    1) I think he'd be a great OLB in the 3-4. I'm not convinced he'd be a good outside linebacker in the 4-3. He's not strong against the run and relies more on his speed than his ability to use his hands to disengage and get by a blocker. As a rush backer in the 3-4, he'd still be able to rush the passer from the edge and utilize his strengths. In the 4-3, I'm just not convinced he's the guy you want behind your linemen trying to get through traffic to the ball carrier.

    2) I think 11 is too high, though some project him to Cleveland at 12. I think he'll go mid first round, anywhere from 16-22. He'll be a very good player in the 3-4, but unless we plan on using it more than the staff is letting on, I just don't think he has a great role on the defense.
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