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    Manny Lawson interview

    Video: Its on the link.

    Q: Would you feel most comfortable as a outside linebacker or a defensive end?
    Lawson: Wherever a team wants to put me, so long as I can play.

    Q: If you went to a 4-3 team, what weight do you think you come become eventually?
    Lawson: The way I look at it, my weight can hold a lot, but I don't want to substitute weight for speed, so I'll probably stop adding weight whenever I start slowing down.

    Q: What's the most you've ever weighed?
    Lawson: The most I've ever weighed is 247.

    Q: Are you going to do all the workouts at the Combine?
    Lawson: Yes.

    Q: Who all have you met with here at the Combine?
    Lawson: The Falcons, Jaguars, Dallas, New York Giants, Tampa Bay...I can't remember all of them. I had eight interviews last night.

    Q: How about the Dolphins?
    Lawson: I have not met with them. I actually met with them at the Senior Bowl.

    Q: Is there a certain way to block punts like you did so much in college?
    Lawson: There is a specific technique. Really, I think the knack is ‘want to,' as coach [Chuck] Amato would call it. If you want to get back there, you'll do anything or whatever it takes to get back there.

    Q: How do you feel about being compared to linebacker/defensive end tweeners like Willie McGinest?
    Lawson: It's crazy because they've done things I have not yet done, so I don't know what to say.

    Q: Do you think Mario Williams complemented you as much as you were a complement to him at State?
    Lawson: I think it goes both ways. When you see one guy coming around the corner, you're definitely not going to run his way, so you're automatically going to go the other way and into the next guy, who you don't see. I think we both complemented each other.

    Q: Are you faster than Mario?
    Lawson: By far. It's not even close. Not even.

    Q: You did jumps for N.C. State track?
    Lawson: Yes. Long jump and triple jump. I ran track all the way up until my junior year. I stopped before my senior year so I could focus more on football and get closer to [weighing] 400 pounds [laughs].

    Q: How many reps did you do in the bench?
    Lawson: I did 23 reps.

    Q: Is that the most you've ever done?
    Lawson: Actually, that's the only time I've ever done it.

    Q: Where are you training?
    Lawson: Phoenix, Arizona. Fisher Sports wish Brett Fisher.

    Q: Did you put 25 pounds on before your senior year?
    Lawson: Yes.

    Q: How?
    Lawson: Baked potatoes. Baked potatoes and right after I ate baked potatoes, I went to the gym. Just constantly eating and then working out rather than eating and running and then working out.

    Q: How much have you played standing up like a linebacker?
    Lawson: I played probably two years to a year and a half.

    Q: As a starter?
    Lawson: I started against passing teams standing up whenever my talents were needed to cover a tight end or a receiver.

    Q: So do you think playing outside linebacker for a 3-4 team would be a huge adjustment for you?
    Lawson: I don't feel it will be new to me at all. There may be a technique I have to learn or re-learn or improve upon, but as far as covering somebody, as far as dropping back in zone, I feel I can do it.

    Q: So you're very comfortable in dropping into pass coverage?
    Lawson: Very. I've been dropping into pass coverages all throughout my years even as a defensive end.

    Q: How accomplished of a pass rusher do you feel you are?
    Lawson: I'm pretty much still learning. I'm going to always be learning. I feel I have a variety and array of pass rushing moves that I can use and that will work, but if you really want to look at it, I've only been playing defensive end at the collegiate level for two years. So I'm still new to the game.

    Q: Would you liken your abilities to anyone currently in the NFL, or is there anyone you model your game after?
    Lawson: The guy who I look up to is a guy about my size, my height: Jason Taylor. And another guy is Dwight Freeney, because I wish I had the spin move to where I could keep spinning and spinning and somehow end up at the quarterback. I just can't do it.

    Q: Who's the better end, you or Mario Williams?
    Lawson: Better end? Better looking is me hands-down. We both have our days. Sometimes I'll end up with a good day and sometimes he'll end up with a good day. I've been rated as an athlete ad he's your prototypical end.

    Q: You were voted your team's most valuable defensive lineman the past two seasons. Who votes on that?
    Lawson: The team votes, the coaches vote.

    I love his attitude.
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    Re: Manny Lawson interview

    I like his confidence. I also like the way he managed to avoid questions where the interviewer was trying to get him to say Mario Williams was better

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    Re: Manny Lawson interview

    Quote Originally Posted by tomahawk247
    I like his confidence. I also like the way he managed to avoid questions where the interviewer was trying to get him to say Mario Williams was better
    Yep. Did you watch the video or read it? The video was better IMO.


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