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Thread: Mark Ingram?

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    Mark Ingram?

    Suppose we end up drafting in the mid 20's, and Mark Ingram is still available.

    Do we pull the trigger for a #2 back, who will be our future #1 back?

    He reminds me a lot of Michael Turner. Same build, same running style, great vision, low center of gravity, and the ability to break a long one occasionally.

    Ryan Williams from Virginia Tech would also be another good choice.
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    Re: Mark Ingram?

    I say if we pick 1-15 we take WR, DE, or DT. But once you get 15-32 I say the RB comes into the equation heavily, espicially if Ingram is sitting there. Like I have said in other threads I am not terribly unhappy with Avery Clayton as our #1 and #2 while bring a second rounder rookie along.

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    Re: Mark Ingram?

    He was my 3rd choice behind a #1 WR and DE Robert Quinn. Seeing that we have issues behind a proven backup/future starting RB, we should get him. Though I don't know if Spags will get him seeing that his dad got in trouble with authority through bank fraud and money laundering, lol.

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    Re: Mark Ingram?

    I really wished that we would snatch up Sidney Rice. That would solve our WR problems, and we would have a solid offense. Also, while taking the biggest need down, I'd love to chase Ingram. Hes a beast. I wouldn't mind SJ39 teaching him at all!

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    Re: Mark Ingram?

    I wouldn't rule him out if he's one of the best players available on the board when we end up picking.

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    Re: Mark Ingram?

    I would put Ingram 4th on my board. Behind Green, Bowers, and Ayers. I am not too high on Julio Jones.

    But Ingram would be a great fit for this team. He is similar to S-Jax in terms of his patience and ability to utilize his blocks well and he can cut-back well too. So we do not need to implement any different blocking schemes when S-jax is off the field. Jackson starts getting tired after a while now imagine this we get a similar running back that is almost as physical and about as fast as jackson. So when Jackson is off the field we do not lose much. THis will allow Jackson to play all 16 games at full energy while playing all 4 quarters.

    Jackson is dangerous when he is rested!!!

    Also both of them can block and catch the ball so itz a plus for Sam Bradford. Just imagine 3rd down situations where you have Jackson and Ingram lineing up in split backs.

    Or even a Wildcat formation with these 2 and amendola.

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    Re: Mark Ingram?

    I like the pick up if the Rams decided to do that. 2 Heisman winners in the locker room. This is assuming the Rams pick up a WR in FA and that we are drafting that much later in the draft.

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