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    It may be early... 2011 NFL DRAFT

    I see some glaring needs. As of now, our best WR Mark Clayton has went down same as Donnie Avery, which was a need before either of these guys got injured. Some think SJAX needs a backup that can give him a breather here and there. Some want to see more pass rush, run stop, or new OLB's. Lets analyze how things are working out right now and what I think will make our team a contender next year:

    I feel like our biggest need is either WR or DE. It depends on where we are picking and who is left. My first pick for us would be WR, A.J Green, Georgia. He is a tall, prototypical receiver. He runs good routes, has good speed, and looks to be the real deal. We also have trouble at the WR spot, so this will solidify our WR corps.

    Pick 1: A.J Green

    On the other hand, I'd love to see us be able to generate a monstrous pass rush with only 4 men. Obviously that would involve us keeping the youth movement going and either going with the selection of a DE or DT. Personally, I'd love to go with the selection of DE Robert Quinn, North Carolina. He is supposed to be the "next Julius Peppers". I'd love for us to have another good pass rushing DE along side Chris Long. We would have a good front 4 in the trenches.

    Pick 1 Alternate: Robert Quinn

    I feel our next biggest need is a backup RB. We have waited too long and clearly SJAX needs a little break. I'd love for us to get an electrifying quick RB that could be a good 1-2 punch with SJ. Yes, I've done it...add to the sooner collection please, I'm taking RB Demarco Murray, Oklahoma.

    Pick 2: Demarco Murray

    Freddie Robbins may have been a great addition to this team, only 1 problem... hes pretty old. Also, Gary Gibson and Cliff Ryan haven't been the best in the world, although manageable. I feel like DT Jared Crick, Nebraska has done a good job at plugging gaps, and collapsing the pocket. We could really use another guy along side Freddie. Im assuming that the first round pick wont be used on Robert Quinn, because I'm not going for an all out Defensive Line fix.

    Pick 2 Alternate: Jared Crick

    I would like our draft to work out like this: A.J Green, DE(preferably) or DT(BPA), Demarco Murray, OLB(preferably) or RG(BPA).

    Thats about all I have got for now. Tell me what you guys think and give me some insight and your thoughts on which players we should consider taking. Thanks

    Sosa. GO RAMS!!!!!!!!!!!!!!

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    Re: It may be early... 2011 NFL DRAFT

    It's way too early to be selecting individual players, given that we have no idea either what the draft order will be or which college stars are going to impress over the rest of the season, but I think that we can all agree that we need a WR, help on the defensive line and better outside linebackers, to start with. Throw in a back-up for Jackson and a replacement for Atogwe, if he leaves, and that's our main priorities sorted.

    I'd like us to acquire Mathias Kiwanuka and Laurence Maroney in free agency; the other needs can be addressed via the draft. If we pick early enough (and if he proves himself in 2010), then I agree that Green has to be our first selection, but there's a long way to go yet.

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    Re: It may be early... 2011 NFL DRAFT

    Depends on how the the majority of our season plays out. I'm waiting until at least the bye week for mock drafts.

    I'm a big fan of A.J Green. I consider him to be a top tier WR. Robert Quinn is also a monster on the line, yet I just don't feel like we should spend ANOTHER high pick (Top 10 pick) on a lineman when Sam Bradford is standing there with no solid supporting cast.

    I don't like Jared Crick. He hasn't showed that he could play at a high level without the presence of Suh beside him.

    Murray is a good choice.

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