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    McCoy in Round Two??

    Scott Wright at Draft Countdown has the Rams taking Colt McCoy at the top of the second (after Suh with the first pick).

    How would you feel about that??

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    Re: McCoy in Round Two??

    I think Pike is head and shoulders above McCoy in terms of potential.

    Also, if Weatherspoon or Alexander or another big offensive weapon is there I rather have any of them of McCoy.

    McCoy played at Texas with one of the best groups of talent in the country. If that wasn't enough to get him into the top 2 rounds, he really isn't that great. Lacks arm strength and size/body type.

    Also, hard to believe his carefree / timid nature is gonna lead Sjax and the boys.

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    Re: McCoy in Round Two??

    I'm taking a wait and see approach with McCoy. I like his accuracy and mobility, but I want to see how he is evaluated in terms of arm strength. If he passes those tests, I think that would be a good pick at that spot.

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