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Thread: Mel Kiper

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    Re: Mel Kiper

    Quote Originally Posted by A-Web View Post
    1) The Rams SHOULD(!) be interested in Mark Sanchez, but for this reason...The more interest the Rams show in Mark Sanchez, the more a team who needs/wants him will potentially have to trade up to us for him. If Safford goes #1, and the Rams "Want" Sanchez, another team may have to really think about letting us take him. As the dropoff at the QB position stands this season, they would most likely have to make a jump if they were hoping to solve their immediate quarterback needs this season.
    The Rams can try to show interest of course, but I doubt anyone will take them seriously. We aren't going to draft Sanchez. If the Lions select one of the top two OTs, it won't affect our ability to trade down either IMO. We'll either take the remaining OT, or we'll have our choice of the two if Stafford is indeed the 1st overall pick. Other teams know this, plus KC already traded for a QB, so they won't be drafting a QB either. Next up is Seattle, who have Matt H. and recently acquired TJ Houshmanzadeh, possibly eliminating Crabtree from their shortlist. This IMO is where the first trade might occur. (very slim chance though) However, do teams really believe the Seahawks would take a QB at #4 overall given their other needs? Probably not. Imagine - if Stafford is the #1 overall pick - we would take one of the OTs, KC would likely take Curry, leaving one of the top two tackles sitting there for Seattle. If I'm a team wanting a QB, I'd roll the dice and let Seattle make their choice, and try to cut a deal with Cleveland or Cincy. Or better yet, I'd simply wait. There's a decent chance Sanchez could still be on the board at #10 when the whiners pick.

    Quote Originally Posted by A-Web View Post
    2) As for the Rams and a Quarterback this season, I actually Like Rhett Bomar. I think he might slide as far as the 6th round, and at that point, with his arm, (and as far as statistics and footage go) his decision making skills, I think he would make an excellent addition to the roster, and I think he will make an excellent career for himself.
    Don't know if Bomar would still be there in rd 6, as we swapped with Atlanta, and pick very late in both rd 5 and rd 6. He's worth considering I guess if he's still there when we pick. However, Brandstater is a more likely possibility in rd 7 or even as a free agent. With the acquisition of Boller, I doubt the Rams will spend more than a 7th on a QB this year. Too many other needs ...
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    Re: Mel Kiper

    I hope the Rams don't select a QB in any round. They will be all right this year with Bulger & Boller. There's just too many holes and with all the talent coming in next years draft. If Bulger continues to falter we will have a great chance at a franchise QB in 2010....

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    Re: Mel Kiper

    I think that the hype for Sanchez will start to get a lot more buzz from the Rams, but that is because he is this years smokescreen. It is about that time where a name starts to fall hard with a team, and I think Sanchez is the guy this year. If the Rams take him, I will have a heartattack! OT all the way!

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    Re: Mel Kiper

    sanchez would be a good fit for Seattle with Hasselbacks back going fast...this helps the rams even if other teams like denver know we arent going to touch Sanchez when the card is turned in...

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    Re: Mel Kiper

    Josh Freeman scares me to death. Big guy, huge arm and that equates into a third and fourth look from NFL scouts. Problem is he just isn't a very good QB.

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