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    mel kiper new big board and top 5 by position

    guys, i am an ESPN insider and the new Kiper info is out. I have no idea how to post it, but i can email it to one of the mods or anyone else and you guys can post it if you want. Someone send me an email address where you want me to send it and i will be happy to do so.

    Ramming speed and Holy Julio to all!

    general counsel

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    Re: mel kiper new big board and top 5 by position

    More QBs drop from Big Board
    Two top quarterbacks have dropped from the Board for the first time all year
    By Mel Kiper

    The biggest news on the updated Big Board won't be about who the new additions are -- it'll be about some notable absences. Both Jake Locker and Ryan Mallett are off the current list of the Top 25 NFL prospects for the 2011 NFL draft. It's a first for each. It doesn't mean I don't think either of them are likely to not be picked in Round 1. In fact, both could easily go in the first round. Each has tremendous talent and upside, but these two also have question marks, and have some work to do during the workout process over the next two months to bounce back.

    The list continues to be dominated by a deep class of defensive lineman. With so much talent at the position, you have to think some teams with that need but holding onto early picks will pursue the option to trade down. There are plenty of moves to come, with the NFL combine still a few weeks away. As always, juniors and draft-eligible sophomores are noted with an asterisk.

    Big Board

    1 Nick Fairley *
    Analysis: In great position, you'd have to doubt he does full workouts in Indy. A force all season, even when not 100 percent; a perfect fit for a 4-3 interior. Last week: No. 1

    2 Da'Quan Bowers *
    Analysis: The most gifted pure pass-rusher on the Board, Bowers has followed through on his talent. An ideal 4-3 DE, but he has a chance as a 3-4 edge. Last week: No. 2

    3 A.J. Green *
    Analysis: Allays any speed fears with improved route-running, and speed is fine. Green has worked hard to become a complete WR. Last week: No. 3

    4 Patrick Peterson *
    Analysis: An extraordinary athlete, Peterson doesn't just have safety size, he'd measure up to a lot of RBs. Great special-teams returner as well. Last week: No. 4

    5 Marcell Dareus *
    Analysis: A solid penetrator; pass-rush skills trump run-stopping performance thus far, which is a reason I can see him becoming a solid 3-4 DE. Last week: No. 5

    6 Prince Amukamara
    Analysis: Top marks for instincts, ball awareness and really good hands. It's as if he's running the WRs route sometimes. Ready to start. Last week: No. 6

    7 Robert Quinn *
    Analysis: Great natural pass-rusher, solid athlete, serious motor. He'll be a little raw but should shine during the workout process. Last week: No. 7

    8 Von Miller
    Analysis: Miller proved to scouts that he's more than a sack artist this season. He showed coverage skills to go along with known pass-rush production. Last week: No. 9

    9 Blaine Gabbert *
    Analysis: Strong arm, good mobility, prototype in terms of physical skills. The top QB on the Board in Luck's absence, he will be under the microscope. Last week: No. 8

    10 Nate Solder
    Analysis: A physical specimen, has great length, ability to add bulk to chiseled frame. Will shine in workout phase, and draft is short on elite offensive tackles. Last week: No. 11

    11 Akeem Ayers *
    Analysis: Exceptional athleticism makes him versatile, but his production has also been very good. Long, with ideal OLB build, skills for 3-4 at next level. Last week: No. 12

    12 Julio Jones *
    Analysis: When healthy, Jones was dominant; when not, he was still good in 2010. Overcame drop issues; improved route-running showed off speed. Last week: No. 10

    13 Cam Newton *
    Analysis: Great size and athleticism, but also underrated accuracy. Extends plays; good patience. Lacks experience and refinement aside from throwing motion. Last week: No. 15

    14 Cameron Jordan
    Analysis: A great Senior Bowl week for Jordan. Versatile, coming from 3-4, but ideal size for 4-3. Solid vs. run, should improve rush. Last week: NR

    15 Aldon Smith *
    Analysis: Great frame and athleticism; Smith has some raw elements to his game but he can rush the passer and could develop into a stud on the edge. Last week: No. 14

    16 Ryan Kerrigan
    Analysis: Production is no concern for possible 3-4 OLB, or 4-3 DE. Kerrigan led nation with 26 TFL and was impossible to block, even against double-teams. Last week: No. 13

    17 Mark Ingram *
    Analysis: Patient runner, knows how to set up and wait for blocks; big-time competitor; good burst but not top-end speed. Won't shy from contact. Last week: No. 17

    18 Gabe Carimi
    Analysis: A solid year of tape, battling a number of high draft picks. Better footwork, added consistency. Excellent frame; could go LT or RT. Last week: No. 19

    19 Tyron Smith *
    Analysis: Could become top tackle here. Good frame, athleticism and quickness; could add bulk, but deceptive leverage, strength. Last week: No. 22

    20 Adrian Clayborn
    Analysis: Good size, capable of playing 3-4 DE. Good motor; batters O-linemen. Needs to refine rush skills; down year for sacks but faced more attention. Last week: No. 16

    21 J.J. Watt *
    Analysis: Watt offers versatility, as a fit in either a 3-4 or 4-3 scheme. Relentless worker, solid pass-rush skills. Precise weight a question. Last week: No. 18

    22 Anthony Castonzo
    Analysis: Smart, reliable with solid footwork, but could add lower-body strength and overall bulk to improve leverage. Consistent worker; smart player. Last week: No. 21

    23 Muhammad Wilkerson *
    Analysis: Committed earlier than I expected, but has first-round talent. Scheme-flexible, disruptive, strong penetrator, could work in 3-4 or 4-3. Last week: No. 24

    24 Torrey Smith
    Analysis: Not just a speed threat, Smith has been productive. Good size, solid technician, can work over the top or underneath. Last week: NR

    25 Rahim Moore *
    Analysis: Top overall safety, with outstanding coverage skills. Has improved tackling, ability to help near the line of scrimmage. Great instincts; ballhawk. Last week: NR

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    Re: mel kiper new big board and top 5 by position

    The formatting to try and copy/paste the Top 5 is just too messed up, so I'm not going to try that one. Since it's Insider content, there's no point linking to it either. Here's the short hand version...

    QB: Gabbert, Newton, Mallett, Locker, Kapernick
    RB: Ingram, Leshoure, Williams, Todman, Vereen
    FB: Marecic, Clay, Havili, Hynoski, Chapas
    WR: Green, Jones, Smith, Hankerson, Shorts
    TE: Rudolph, Williams, Kendricks, Stocker, Saunders
    OT: Solder, Carimi, Smith, Castonzo, Sherrod
    OG: Hudson, Rackley, Watkins, Boling, Moffitt
    OC: Pouncey, Wisniewski, O'Dowd, Kowalski, Linnenkohl
    DE: Bowers, Quinn, Jordan, Smith, Kerrigan
    DT: Fairley, Dareus, Wilkerson, Nevis, Liuget
    ILB: Wilson, Irving, Jones, Sheppard, Sturdivant
    OLB: Miller, Ayers, Houston, Moch, Carter
    CB: Peterson, Amukamara, Smith, Williams, Harris
    S: Moore, Sands, Tate, McDaniel, Black
    K: Henery, Forbath, Bailey, Ruffer, Byrum
    P: Donahue, Hankins, Epperson, Forrest, Baltz
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    Re: mel kiper new big board and top 5 by position

    While I really don't disagree in large part with the top 5 by position, I think Kiper is one of the worst. McShay is a little better, but the real scouts have a much better idea of whats really going on.

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