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    Mel Kiper's draft projections

    Heres his current draft projection for certain players in the Senior Bowl

    North Roster
    No. Pos. Name Height Weight School

    1 WR Paul Williams 6-2 210 Fresno State
    Has size, natural receiving skills. Underrated. (late-Day 1 to early-Day 2)

    3 QB Tyler Palko 6-1 215 Pittsburgh
    Works, studies hard. Limited arm strength. (Late rounder)

    4 DB Josh Wilson 5-9 188 Maryland
    Fast and athletic. Great recovery ablility. Return skills. (Round 3 or 4)

    5 WR Rhema McKnight 6-1 207 Notre Dame
    Good hands, concentration. Lacks speed. (mid-Day 2)

    5 QB Drew Stanton 6-3 226 Michigan State
    Good, but not great arm. Erratic. Tough and athletic. (Round 3 or 4)

    10 QB Troy Smith 6-0 222 Ohio State
    Keeps plays alive. Good arm. Height issue. Long delivery. (Round 3 or 4)

    13 DB Daymeion Hughes 5-10 192 California
    Great anticipation, hands, instincts. Speed question. (late-Round 1)

    17 DB Marcus McCauley 6-1 200 Fresno State
    Has physical and athletic skills. Needs to produce more. (Round 2 or 3)

    23 RB Brian Leonard 6-1 224 Rutgers
    Jack-of-all-trades player. Runs, catches, blocks. (Round 2)

    26 RB Tony Hunt 6-2 239 Penn State
    Gliding, patient runner. Good blocker. Not explosive. (Round 3 or 4)

    28 DB Tanard Jackson 6-0 192 Syracuse
    Physical, tough, athletic. Average cover skills. (Round 2)

    29 DB Leon Hall 5-11 193 Michigan
    Good all-around corner. Great anticipation, tackler. (mid-Round 1)

    30 DB Aaron Rouse 6-4 218 Virginia Tech
    Big. Physical. Stiff in hips. Coverage question. (Round 3)

    31 LB Paul Posluszny 6-1 237 Penn State
    Productive, smart, instinctive. Lumbers. Coverage question. (Round 3)

    49 DE/LB Anthony Spencer 6-2 266 Purdue
    Great natural pass-rush ablility. (late-Round 1 to mid-Round 2)

    51 LB H.B. Blades 5-11 237 Pittsburgh
    Good in college. Not super instinctive. Gets caught in traffic (Late rounder)

    56 DE LaMarr Woodley 6-1 269 Michigan
    Relentless. Good rush instincts. (late-Round 1 to mid-Round 2)

    64 OL Samson Satele 6-2 294 Hawaii
    Excellent player. Versatile. Tough. Strong. Works hard. (Round 2)

    67 OL Levi Brown 6-5 323 Penn State
    Has all the physical tools. Hard worker. Good intangibles. (mid-Round 1)

    68 OL Ryan Harris 6-5 299 Notre Dame
    Good athlete. Lacked consistency, intensity. (Round 3 or 4)

    75 OL Josh Beekman 6-2 315 Boston College
    Versatile. Plays center or guard Tough. Solid and reliable. (Round 3)

    80 WR Jason Hill 6-0 204 Washington State
    Good speed. Needs to improve consistency. (early-Day 2)

    90 DL Quinn Pitcock 6-2 301 Ohio State
    Limited athletically. Steady, tough, consistent. (Round 3)

    91 DL Amobi Okoye 6-2 287 Louisville
    Awesome quickness, spin move. Enormous ability. (mid-Round 1)

    92 DE Adam Carriker 6-6 292 Nebraska
    Versatile. Long arms. Big frame. Uses hands well. (mid-Round 1)

    95 DE Victor Abiamiri 6-4 271 Notre Dame
    Solid, tough, reliable. Good technique. Not flashy. (Round 2)

    South Roster

    Coaching staff: San Francisco *****

    South Roster
    No. Pos. Name Height Weight School

    4 DB David Irons 5-10 188 Auburn
    Some coverage ability. Never took it to next level. (Day 2)

    4 QB Kevin Kolb 6-3 220 Houston
    Has NFL arm, but is he a system QB? (early- to mid-Day 2)

    5 QB Jordan Palmer 6-5 229 UTEP
    NFL size. Good arm. Questionable decision making. (early- to mid-Day 2)

    7 LB Buster Davis 5-9 244 Florida State
    Very productive. Small, but rock solid. Great run defender. (late-Day 1)

    12 QB Chris Leak
    6-0 203 Florida
    Can throw it. Has NFL arm. Lacks height. (Round 5 to Round 7)

    19 DB Brandon Meriweather 5-11 192 Miami
    Adequate coverage skills. Versatile. Can be force in box. (Round 3 or 4)

    21 WR Johnnie Lee Higgins 5-11 183 UTEP
    Fast. Gets deep. Decent hands. Return ability. (early- to mid-Day 2)

    23 RB Kenny Irons 5-11 198 Auburn
    Not big, but tough. Solid back. Some injury issues. (Round 2)

    27 DB Michael Griffin 5-11 195 Texas
    Tough. Agressive. Tackles well. Can be shaky in coverage. (Round 2 or 3)

    28 RB Lorenzo Booker 5-10 188 Florida State
    Poor man's Warrick Dunn. Not big. Elusive. Can catch. (Round 3 or 4)

    29 DB Jonathan Wade 5-10 192 Tennessee
    Athletic. Good size. Not real instinctive in coverage. (Round 3 to Round 5)

    30 LB Earl Everett 6-2 235 Florida
    Big factor at Florida, but protected by D-line. (late-Day 1 or early-Day 2)

    31 DB Aaron Ross 6-0 192 Texas
    Tough. Instinctive. Great tackler in run support. (mid- to late-Round 1)

    33 LB Rufus Alexander 6-1 227 Oklahoma
    Lots of talent. Lacked game-to-game consistency in 2006. (Round 3)

    42 LB Juwan Simpson 6-2 223 Alabama
    Athletic. Productive. Consistent. Needs to be more physical. (mid-Day 2)

    49 LB Patrick Willis 6-1 240 Ole Miss
    All over the field. Works through traffic. Tackling machine. (Round 2)

    63 OL Justin Blalock
    6-3 331 Texas
    Smart. Battle tested. Versatile. A guard, but can play tackle. (Round 2)

    66 OL Tony Ugoh 6-5 301 Arkansas
    Phenomenal athlete. Raw technically. (late-Round 1 to mid-Round 2)

    67 OL Ryan Kalil 6-3 291 USC
    Not big, but technically sound and strong. (late-Round 1 or early-Round 2)

    69 OL Ben Grubbs 6-3 315 Auburn
    Athletic. Great at pulling and trapping. (late-Round 1 or early-Round 2)

    73 OL Joe Staley 6-6 296 Central Michigan
    Good feet, balance. Needs strength. (late-Round 1 to early-Round 2)

    76 OL Tim Duckworth 6-3 304 Auburn
    Lots of ability as guard. Good size. Athletic. Good run blocker. (Round 3)

    78 OL Arron Sears 6-3 317 Tennessee
    Versatile. Good strength, feet, technique. (late-Round 1 or early-Round 2)

    80 WR Dwayne Bowe 6-2 222 LSU
    Big. Competitive. Size and speed. Athletic. (mid-Round 1)

    94 DE Quentin Moses 6-5 249 Georgia
    Good edge rusher. Could play on feet in 3-4. Needs strength. (Round 2)

    99 DL Kareem Brown 6-4 303 Miami
    Underachiever. Has ability. (mid- to late-Day 2)

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    smizzhfx Guest

    Re: Mel Kiper's draft projections

    According to this it appears theres going to be tremendous talent in the second round we should look at.. I.E Lamarr Woodley and Victor Abimiri.

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    Re: Mel Kiper's draft projections

    I think he's way off on where some of these players will be taken.

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    Re: Mel Kiper's draft projections

    I think he's way off on where some of these players will be taken.
    Really, which ones? I am certainly not disagreeing with you just curious to hear some of your thoughts on the draft. We need all the draft analysis that we can get in this slow time of the year. Slow for the Rams anyway. I love to read different views and mocks from other fans perspectives that may get to see some of these guys play more than others depending on which market you live in.

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    Country Guest

    Re: Mel Kiper's draft projections

    I think that Pat Willis in the 2nd is a little low, but if some of those guys are around in the 2nd then by all means.

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    Re: Mel Kiper's draft projections

    Quote Originally Posted by Country View Post
    I think that Pat Willis in the 2nd is a little low
    Perhaps, perhaps not. Kiper isn't the only one that has viewed Willis as a potential round two prospect. Keep in mind that's article about what they heard NFL scouts saying at the Senior Bowl was that Willis "was not graded as a first-round choice."

    It'll be an interesting saga to try and keep track of between now and the draft. Ultimately the only important ranking is what NFL teams have on their draft boards, and who knows what that is.

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    Re: Mel Kiper's draft projections

    some of these guy's , such as palko, sould not even be a concideration for free agency. he has some real bumbs being drafted, and guy's like j.l. higgins in the middle of day 2, c'mon, man he could go rd 2 just because teams are wanting proven return guy's and he has it all.

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