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    the chosen1 Guest

    Michael Bush

    Not saying the rams are intersted in the guy or hes going to be picked by the Rams but this kid has alot of talent. He was on pace to be one the best RB comming out of college untill he got hurt I believe in the first or secound game of the season. They are projecting him as being the 3-4 RB chosen and wouldnt he be a good fit behind Steven Jackson. This will allow him to recover getting less carries, and the good thing is, is that he fits the rams running style. He is beleive it or not 6-3 at 247 pounds way bigger than Steve Jackson and can give us that goal line rusher to help us at the goal line. Your toughts.....

    Rams all the way:r

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    smizzhfx Guest

    Re: Michael Bush

    I'd like to compliment SJ with a speedy alternative "scat-back", such as Michael Turner or Ryan Moats.

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    keith m. klink Guest

    Re: Michael Bush

    this is the kind of power runner that the rams would want to bring in . i love this guy , even with the injuries he's had . i want the rams to make a play for ricky williams to back up JAX , but if not , screw the scatback crap , i stated earlier in the month , how the hell would you like to be hit by a damn truck , just to get up and get hit by a damn truck . it would be a tough call on where he would be drafted , if the rams could hold off until the 3rd rd or after , i would love this kid in horns , but to be picked before that would be a little risky with his injuries of past . but i love him .

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    RamsNation Guest

    Re: Michael Bush

    I would not be surprised if some how, someway this draft ends with Micheal Bush as a Ram. I hate to throw this out there with no source (honestly can't remember where or who), but a couple weeks or so ago I read that Linehan really liked Bush,and a few others, and wanted to come away with a bigger back in this draft. But he blows so much "pre draft smoke" I don't know if even he knows who he likes anymore.


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