The mid rounds (rounds 3 - 5) is where teams fill out their rosters. Here is some mid-rounders that I think the Rams should look into drafting as many of these people as possible.

Lavelle Hawkins WR Cal - The "Hawk" is having a great senior bowl practice. He might get drafted in mid - late 2nd. But if he is here in the 3rd, the Rams should take him. Like we use to say Bruuuuce when Ike caught the ball. We can say Haaawwkk when he catches the ball.

Earl Bennett WR Vandy - Not as fast as many of the WR in this draft but he got great hands. Imagine a Bennett on the Rams that can catch the ball. Hard to call, he can go anywhere from mid 2nd - early 3rd right now.

John Greco G/T Toledo - Had a great Shrine game. I just see something in him that would make him a great player for the Rams. Hard to say where he will go. Some has late 2nd - mid 4th. Rated on some site as #11 OT and some as #7 OG.

Mike McGlynn - G/T Pitt - Having a good but quiet Senior Bowl practice. He seems the working man that the Rams need. He plays Tackle, Guard, Center and Long Snapper positions. Read he has a late 3rd to mid 5 grade.

Brian Johnston DE Gardner-Webb - Had a decent Shrine game. I read he was one of best small school sleepers. Team him up with Chris Long ( I really hope we get him) and we will have pretty beefy DE who can rush the passer and who we can use in some hybrid 3-4 schemes next year. Going in the 4th - 5th round.

Owen Schmitt FB WVU - I am not going to say much about him that haven't been said.