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Thread: The Middle Man

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    Re: The Middle Man

    Quote Originally Posted by Mooselini View Post
    I like McKillop. I'd actually rather take him over Curry. I am NOT experimenting with our first round pick...again. Carriker was enough. I'm scared that he may not even be on this team in a few years because he doesn't fit in.

    I really think Tinoisamoa and Spoon can play outside opposite of each other. Everyone doesn't think they can, but why not? We can give them a shot. Say we draft Curry and he ends up playing out side, that doesn't answer our MLB situation.

    If we need a MLB, I think McKillop is the choic. He's a tackling machine and we need that type of player. Good thing about McKillop, we may be able to wait until the third round to snag him.

    My board goes like this as far as MLB are concerned:
    Scott Mckillop Pitt 6'1 244 lbs.
    Daniel Holtzclaw E. Mich 6'1 245 lbs.
    Antonio Appleby Virg. 6'4 248lbs.

    Its been well documented that Scott is a beast, Daniel is also a "tackling machine, but his speed concerns me, and before you all say MLB's don't necessarily need speed... well I could say alot, but to sum it all up it is an added benefit in more ways than one.
    Appleby is a very servicable MLB if we absolutly had to draft one in the later rounds but in the league I can see him being either bang or bust; hopefully we can pick a MLB no later than in the 3rd round so we have our pick of these 3 guys because Ray and our friend from "the ohio state" will be gone by the 2nd round period so unless we trade up we can give up on that pipe dream of drafting either of them.

    Quote Originally Posted by C-Mob 71 View Post
    I stopped reading once I saw that this was not another Curry thread

    No but really, I suppose if we HAVE to settle on someone then I would take McKillop, he is a tackling machine.

    Now to bring the focus back on Curry which is where it belongs , come on Moose you really think that it is that big of an experiment to shift from a SOLB to an MLB? There have been tons of farther moves that have panned out. Its not like moving from SS to LB or from DE to DT or LB, heck IMO its not even as bad as moving from RT to LT.
    To answer this question: Yes for some individuals that can be a big move, (at Mike) you are responsible for the entire front 7 and you have to know where everyone is & what they are responsible for. now the cat from S.F. is an exception but I think alot of that also had to do with Mike Singletary. But who knows perhaps our team of coachs can coach him up and get him ready for that responsibility.....but still I'm against picking him up #2.

    Quote Originally Posted by mde8352gorams View Post
    TX, As usual you are dead-on. London Fletcher was a terrific find for us and we let him slip away along with several other great players like Dre' Bly to name one.

    I am confident that the talent evaluators currently in our FO will be able to identify future talent that is not always evident in the stats we see. Hotlzclaw or whomever we select will be a step forward. Incidentaly, what is the reading on Appleby of VA?

    Go Rams!
    Can't cry over spilt milk, they are gone now, so we have to focus on the future, and now that I look at it I'm not too sure that letting Dre' walk was a bad move (now letting London go was a colossal mistake). Dre' has only has 1-2 good years since 2001 in all honesty, and when Iw as still playing corner, that was the guy that I looked up too....pure irony.

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    Re: The Middle Man

    First this disclaimer: I do not have a favorite I am championing in the 2009 draft yet ... I do feel that OT is a greater need at this point than LB. My point was - the possibility exists that Billy and Spags may not feel the two top OTs are worthy of #2 overall money. That is the only way I see us passing on Munroe or Smith. I would not be unhappy at all if we went OT in rd #1 and DT in rd #2. I would dearly love to see our lines on both sides of the ball begin to start pushing others around instead of being the "pushees" if you will. A good run stopping MLB should still be around in later rounds, even if he's not a three down guy.

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    Re: The Middle Man

    Quote Originally Posted by 39thebeast View Post
    Frantz Joseph is a beast. He is a huge hitter and excellent against the run. He is my 2nd favorite LB in the draft the Rams need an intimidator and he definately is one.
    Yeah, Frantz is an intriguing prospect. You can only tell so much from the highlight reels, but he doesn't seem to mind going through an offensive lineman to make the play. Even if his numbers are inflated from playing in the Sun Belt, over 150 tackles in 13 games is pretty impressive.

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