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    Mike Wallace is not a top 10 receiver


    I love some posters on this forum who think he is a top 10 WR. But uhhhh forget that. First of all there is no question subectively (mine) he isn't a top15. And not even a top 12 objectively.

    But lets look objectively. He has played 16 games every year except 15 this year. (Maybe if he played that one extra game he would have had an extra 400 yards and cracked the top 10). So here are the last 4 years WR stats. He doesn't deserve the contract he is asking. Overrated and wanting to be overpaid. PERIOD.

    I will give him mad props in 2010 though. But then again maybe we shouls get Chris Johnson at RB then.

    Mike Wallace is not a top 10 receiver-uploadfromtaptalk1357633520633.jpg

    Mike Wallace is not a top 10 receiver-uploadfromtaptalk1357633574524.jpg

    Mike Wallace is not a top 10 receiver-uploadfromtaptalk1357633623498.jpg

    Mike Wallace is not a top 10 receiver-uploadfromtaptalk1357633654804.jpg

    We have a great young team. We would be dumb to set ourselves back with a cap overpay a receiver that's objectively not top 10 or even 15...and imo not even top 15.

    Stop being a fan of overpaying overrated players. If your argument is "but his 55 $ million dollars will instantly make our offense dangerous.." please spare me that.

    Had to post this because lately more and more posters are buying in to this mike thrashallace bandwagon on this forum.

    We are a young team with 4 picks in the next 2 years. Lets use our FA money wisely. Wallace doesnt make this 7-8-1 team a 10-6 or 11-5. He makes a liability on a cap, that we can use on solid S, OLB, OL, and other great options at WR.

    Sorry for any spelling mistakes...on mobile phone. Will edit when I get on a cpu
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    Re: Mike Wallace is not a top 10 receiver

    Well, I agree with you that he may not be a top 10-15 WR. He still is one of the league's premier speed/deep threats.

    I don't want to spend either. But your formula has some flaws.

    #1 -- Look at the value of Danny Amendola to Rams right now. Some could argue playing with an elite QB and Oline he could put up top 10 numbers. Does that make him deserve more money in his contract???? You are only worth what someone will pay.

    #2 -- D. Bowe. We all want this guy (I think). Played at KC where his stats aren't good. His age and tools make him ideal for a #1 WR. Here again, someone will have to win his heart and the bidding war with his agent to get him. Most times you will overpay for any free agent. The key is how much is guaranteed.

    #3 -- I would also argue you can but the best two Safties in league history back there. Ronnie Lott and whoever else you want, and we still won't be I superbowl team without fixing offense first.

    THE NFL is a Offensive league now based on QBs and WRs/TEs -- and we need lots of guys to catch the ball. Wallace can only help and the front office will figure out how much is enough.

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