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that's an interesting take nick. I never thought of drafting Hood as someone to sompete for Carriker's spot. I don't think it will happen, but i also never thought of it as a possibility. Don't we have enough to speculate about this time of year? now you go and throw carriker's job security into the mix! Hahaha I'm gonna' go crazy
No kidding, huh? We've just thrown a whole new wrench into things!!

What works in Carriker's favor is that he's a 300+ lbs under tackle who is capable of playing more than one spot on the defensive line. I think if he's healthy, there's a lot to like about him, especially in Spags' defensive system.

But we have to be realistic. When new coaches come in, the likelihood for roster turnover increases. That's what new coaches do - they come in and want to run things their way, and not everyone is a fit for their system. It's one of the reasons McDaniels was intrigued by Cassel in Denver.

Even though we have Carriker and he's only entering his third season - possibly his first full-time as the UT - I wouldn't put it past Spags and company to draft a guy like Hood in the second round if they like him and what he could bring to the table. It might not fit with what we perceive as a need, but Spags and Devaney may not be as married to some of these guys as fans are.