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Thread: Mock Draft

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    RamsFan99 Guest

    Mock Draft

    1st round
    Ndamukong Suh DT
    2nd round
    Sean Weatherspoon OLB
    3rd round
    Zac Robinson QB
    4th round
    Mike Williams WR
    5th round
    John Jerry OG
    Auston English DE
    6th round
    Colin Peek TE
    7th round
    Chris Brown RB
    Jerome Murphey CB

    I think this would be a great draft for the Rams because it would instantly produce four starters and give the possiblity of one or two more in the next few years.
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    Re: Mock Draft

    First of all, Walter's not always correct. But besides that, are you saying that Zac Robinson can come in immediately and replace Bulger? Are you saying that Mike Williams, who gets suspended for academic reasons, be good enough to start from day one? Who knows. But, IMO, it's unlikely, especially the Zac Robinson starting over Bulger.

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    RamsFan99 Guest

    Re: Mock Draft

    Considering Bulger is 32 coming off two consectively bad seasons with a third on the way, yeah I'm saying that he could start over Marc Bulger. Bulger has already given up on playing. He has just recently bought a farm in southeast missouri. Then his next competion woukd be Null and Boller which is a joke. While I think Boller has out played Bulger, he is a far way away from being able to lead a team to a winning record. Look at his time in Baltimore. Null will be cut next offseason. And Williams will have no problem coming in and making his way into the starting rotation. We have Avery, Burton and Robinson. We don't have much after that and all three of those guys have bad health and are constantly getting injured. So it is not much of a strech to see a rookie make his way into a young inexperienced injury plagued corp like the Rams. If he was drafted I could see him getting plenty of playing time behind any of these guys if he doesn't beat them in the offseason.

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    Re: Mock Draft

    Mike Williams beastly reciever just got suspended a week ago and he just quit the team. What is wrong with that kid complete polar opposite of the 5 pillars. Way to many character problems let the Bengals draft him.

    On the draft I know spags is a defensive guy, but I really dont see us going with Weatherspoon after getting Suh. I'm fine with the Suh pick because he may be the clear cut BPA. Spags doesn't usually value OLBs extremely high(look at the spoon move adn the Giant OLBs the past 2 years). Our offense is in dire need of some help we will need to get that help somewhere in the first 2 rounds.

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    Re: Mock Draft

    I'm behind Suh right now. I think he's the playmaker that we need on our line. We have plenty of "hustle" or "motor" players with the heart, but without the game changing ability that he could bring to the table.

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    Re: Mock Draft

    Quote Originally Posted by shower beers View Post
    I'm behind Suh right now. I think he's the playmaker that we need on our line. We have plenty of "hustle" or "motor" players with the heart, but without the game changing ability that he could bring to the table.
    Another 1st round DL from Nebraska wat are we supposed to expect Grant Winstrom whos leaves for the rival or AC who we wish left for the rival

    Now onto the mock. Don't use Walter Football as your only source. To create a good Mock it takes some time and you need to check on several sites just take notes the way Beastly does his he offers some good explanations and normally comes with a good mock

    Dont expect Weatherspoon to make it past the top 15. Pike will probably go in mid 2nd. John Jerry's size will make him go in the late 3rd early 4th. you need to do more research on draft stock. And on the player him self with his character.

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