1. Julio Jones, WR, Alabama: An animal. We have a huge hole at WR and need someone who can come here and grow into a dangerous duo with Bradford.

*TRADE* Our 2nd round pick (46) for the Atlanta Falcons 2nd round pick (59) and their third (91).

2. Mason Foster, OLB, Washington: Starting next to James Laurinaitis would be scary. He is a tackling machine and would fit in well in our scheme.

3. Jacquizz Rodgers, RB, Oregon State: Our change of pace back for SJ39. He will be a demon in the backfield. Something were missing on our offense.

3. John Moffitt, G/C, Wisconsin: Goodbye Adam Goldberg. He will provide some push and now SJ39 will have the best year possible. Say goodbye to that 3.9 YPC Mr. Jackson.

4. Robert Sands, S, West Virginia: A strong physical safety that will take over for Atogwe. He will fit our scheme very well and may upgrade our defense over time.

5. Jeremy Beal, DE, Oklahoma: A developing player who may take over for James Hall. He brings some skill here but needs some polishing.

6. Eric Hagg, S, Nebraska: Over time he could take over for Craig Dahl. If not, he could be a good situational player.

7. Anthony Gray, NT, Southern Miss: Anthony Gray looked good at his Pro Day, posting 39 reps of 225. He weighed in at 330, but didn't look sluggish.