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    Mock draft by position

    rather than analyzing every mock draft based on the player and talent, what would a mock draft by need look like?

    Mine would look like this:
    1) DE
    2) DT
    3) OLB
    4) DT
    5) RB
    6) WR/KR
    7) S
    7) OG
    7) CB

    what would yours be?

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    Country Guest

    Re: Mock draft by position

    1. Dt
    2. De
    3. S
    4. Ol
    5. Lb
    6. Rb
    7. Dt
    7. Wr
    7. Ot

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    Re: Mock draft by position

    My answer is a little different from the way you asked the question.

    I would:
    1st Round - Take Best Player Available regardless of position he plays
    Then depending on who we take and who's available each round I'd want to end with
    2 DT
    2 DE
    1 RB
    1 WR
    1 Safety
    1 LB
    1 OL (or if sign a Free Agent RB, then 2 OL)

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    sparker Guest

    Re: Mock draft by position

    Also.....that RB (if we draft one) or more likely the Wide Receiver needs to have Return Skills.


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