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    Mock drafts and trades

    There have been quite a few mock drafts posted by Clan Ram members with several different scenarios unfolding at the #19 spot in this year's draft. As I see it the Rams are in good shape if they want to trade up in the 1st or 2nd rounds for an impact player or for that matter a veteran player (say an O Lineman or safety) on another team. As it stands now the Rams have twelve picks in the upcoming draft: eight of which they can trade and four which they cannot. I for one will not be surprised to see the Rams move up in round one to take a guy they really want: ala A. Rolle, D. Johnson A. Pac-man Jones or a defensive end which they may particularly covet. If the Rams choose to sit tight in the first round, I think they will make a move in the second round to grab a safety that otherwise would not fall to them at their slotted pick. One guy I would love to see the Rams grab is R. McCune...but we have more need at the safety spot so it is unlikely he will end up on our roster.

    Well there you have it fellow R. C. members....What say ye??

    GO RAMMS!!!!!!!!!! :ramlogo:

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    Re: Mock drafts and trades

    Maui, you may be right, but my personal opinion is that if one of the big 3 OTs aren't available we may even draft out of the 1st round, which would not bring us the best value since this is not a big time round 1 draft. It would take a trade of all three of our 1st round picks to move into a position to get any of the D studs you mentioned, and I don't know if we would want to part with 3 picks for one. But, then again, stranger things have happened.
    Quote Originally Posted by Maui
    One guy I would love to see the Rams grab is R. McCune
    Brother, you said a mouthful. I've been singing this guy's praises for a while and nothing would please me more than to see him in horns next year. If we can bag an OT and a S with our 1st two picks, there's no need to not make a run at him in the 3rd. Some will shy away from a 26-year-old rookie and others get a little cross-eyed about "workout warriors", but this guy is the real deal. At worst, he will be a ST phenom in his rookie season. Yea, I'm calling it. McCune is a ST stud right out of the box next year.


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