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    keith m. klink Guest

    Mock Iv .

    I 'm sorry guy's but i'm getting itchy about this whole draft thingy again . And again the RAMS have to hit it out of the park. i have a feeling that they will pull some trades to get some more mid -late round picks in the 5th and 6th .

    This is my latest try at this science of football . I hope the RAMS shop for CAPTAIN CRUNCH in the draft and don't come home with CORN FLAKES .

    1ST - C. LONG - DE , i think the DOLPHINS HAVE TOO ' pick JAKE LONG to even have a chance at fielding a o-line . OUR DE , ssssssmmm i'm crying now !

    2ND - A. CAISON - CB , i know , i know , i'm crazy and i hope he can fall to us so we have no worries about F.BROWN and if he indeed inhaled .

    3RD- E. ROYAL - WR , SPEED KILLS , and we need a killer .

    4TH- E. YOUNG - OG , TOUGH PHYSICAL MAULER , some injury stuff should work itself out .

    5TH- K. BARTON - OT , could quickly push for playing time as 3rd tackle .

    6TH- D. BARBER - S , good player poor team .

    6TH- S. JOHNSON - WR , 6"2 200 AND A 4.49. COULD be another late round find that the RAMS have been coming up with in the last 2-3 years .

    7TH- J. McCLAIN - ILB/DE , could be sleeper of the draft.

    7TH - SUP. mr irrelivant , T.C. OSTRANDER- QB . developemental , strong arm guy at 6"2 220-225 . he's not BROCK BERLIN .

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    Re: Mock Iv .

    Kirk Barton. I'm for it, for obvious reasons. Do you think he'll be available in the fifth?

    Caison is projected in the second round right now, is he not? I think we need to go in a different direction with this pick though...

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    Mooselini Guest

    Re: Mock Iv .

    Well I'm starting to believe that Chris Long will end up being ours. And I can only hope so.

    However, with the second pick, I say make that a WR. We can find a first round talent in the second round. And thats what we need since the departure of Bruce.

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    keith m. klink Guest

    Re: Mock Iv .

    I had wanted to grab something besides a CB with the 2nd rd #33 pick but with BROWN being up in the air , i just don't know what to think anymore. we have no idea what-so-ever what the heck the RAMS will do because no-one knows what the heck the DOLPHINS are doing . it seems to me we are going to get 1 of 3 positions filled , DE , DT , OT and that about sums up round 1 . now what ?

    If we go with DORSEY at # 2 , what do we do next ? i would think DE . I don't want to grab a receiver at # 33 and be looking for a starter at DE in the 3rd or later ?

    i'm lost . my head hurts ! i'm feelin dizzy and stuff, ''' oohhh MAN DOWN !!


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