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    Mock Offseason v.1

    - While I would love the Rams to squeak into the Playoffs, I really don't think we win on the road in Seattle when it comes down to it. We pick 15th in the draft.


    -Mark Clayton, WR
    - Garry Gibson, DT
    - Ken Darby, RB

    Free Agent:

    - Vincent Jackson, WR- While I would prefer Sidney Rice or even Larry Fitzgerald should he opt out of his contract, I don't think either are very likely. At the same time, not making a big splash in free agency would be a mistake. V-Jax is a very talented player with some off field issues, however there aren't many WR's out there who don't. At the same time, he's a very big target with great hands and speed. He's got top 10 talent and would be a great target for Bradford.

    - Carl Nicks, OG- He's a big mauler and would be a huge addition to the team. Saints likely won't be able to hold onto him but do we bring in two big name free agents? I say yes with the free agent crop coming up, the cap room we have and our emergence this season.

    NFL Draft

    Round 1- Robert Quinn, DE- The Rams luck out here grabbing one of the more talented DE's to come out in a while. While he was suspended, he doesn't appear to be a huge off-field problem but he will probably drop a little and the Rams gain. Spags will coach him up and being across from Chris Long will create a scary rush combination.

    Round 2- Marvin Austin, DT- The Rams draft another steal in Quinn's North Carolina team mate. Keeping these two together should shore up the Rams D-Line and make this a strength of the team.

    Round 3- Mark Barron, SS- This safety hits HARD and would be a great addition to our DB's. He's also a smart player and could start from the first week.

    Round 4- LaMichael James, RB- This small RB is a bit of a project but has the ability to make defenders miss and has some explosive change of pace ability.

    Round 5- Doug Hogue, OLB- Speedy LB who could start at SLB soon and will definitely help on special teams. He compares to Keith Bulluck who was a fast but raw LB at one time too.

    Projected Roster:

    QB- Sam Bradford, AJ Feely
    RB- Steven Jackson, Ken Darby, LaMichael James
    FB- Mike Karney
    WR1- Vincent Jackson, Mark Clayton, Denario Alexander
    WR2- Donnie Avery, Brandon Gibson
    WR3- Danny Amendola
    TE- Michael Hoomanawanui, Billy Bajema, Daniel Fells
    LT- Roger Saffold, Renardo Foster
    LG- Jacob Bell, Adam Goldberg
    C- Jason Brown, Hank Fraley
    RG- Carl Nicks
    RT- Jason Smith

    DE- Chris Long, George Selvie
    DT- Fred Robbins, Clifton Ryan
    DT- Marv Austin, Gary Gibson
    DE- Robert Quinn, James Hall, C.J. Ah You
    OLB- David Vobora, Doug Hogue
    MLB- James Laurinaitis
    OLB- Larry Grant, Chris Chamberlain
    CB- Ron Bartell, Justin King
    SS- Mark Barron, Craig Dahl
    FS- Oshiomogho Atogwe, James Butler
    CB- Bradley Fletcher, Jerome Murphy, Q. Butler

    K- Josh Brown
    P- Donnie Jones
    H- Chris Massey

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    Re: Mock Offseason v.1

    Sorry bro, you lost me after the first line. I'm living for the playoffs right now, we will have three whole months to talk about the off season

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    Re: Mock Offseason v.1

    Quote Originally Posted by C-Mob 71 View Post
    Sorry bro, you lost me after the first line. I'm living for the playoffs right now, we will have three whole months to talk about the off season
    How cool is it to be able to say that?

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    Re: Mock Offseason v.1

    Yea i have to disagree with you about the playoffs.I think we will make the playoffs.Also i would rather get sidney rice over vincent jackson but thats just me.

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    Re: Mock Offseason v.1

    My only question is why resign Darby???

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    Re: Mock Offseason v.1

    Nicks has only been in the league three seasons; he'll be a restricted free agent in 2011, unless something drastic changes to the RFA rules in a new CBA. I like the Vincent Jackson signing, but the Rams will have to shell out some dough for him.

    I like the Quinn pick, but interviews are going to be big for him. Same for Austin, whom I've read from some has a questionable motor and work ethic. Barron in the third and Hogue in the fifth are nice picks; I don't see James lasting until the fourth round though, and two resources I frequent have him earlier as well.

    Nice work!

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    Re: Mock Offseason v.1

    this is the nicest mock iv seen to date

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    Re: Mock Offseason v.1

    Seahawks have been god awful. I mean effing terrible, and they're playing the Falcons this week. I don't see why you're assuming they're going to be better than us come week 17.

    Anyway, if we got Vincent Jackson, Sidney Rice, or Larry Fitzgerald, I would literally have a mental breakdown of joy and would be responsive only by blinking my eyes in a hospital full of Rams memorabilia. Comatose Rams joy anguish would be the scientific name. That will be all. :-)

    And I don't think James lasts til the 4th.

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