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Thread: Mock Top 1st Half Rams Draft / Rest of the off-season

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    Mock Top 1st Half Rams Draft / Rest of the off-season

    I don't have the time to analyze all the players in draft or am I that good. As usual, since the Superbowl I have been looking, watching highlights, following and researching around the top 100 players. So, after looking at who belongs where, who will be taken by whom, and who will fit the Rams very well. Here is who I think the Rams should draft in the first 3 rounds and our projected starting lineup next year.

    One point of note. I think there is a great chance both Cooper and Womack will be available at our 16th pick. However with Long and Saffolds at Tackles and Wells and Dahl being solid. I have a very strong feeling that we will not draft a Guard in the first round. I think Fisher would rather draft someone later and then have a great battle for that LG position. And over the next year use the rest to build someone up to be the eventual replacements for Dahl and Wells. I can easily see someone we draft being a LG next year and Rok replacing Dahl in a couple of years. Or vice-versa. Guard is something you can work at, you can make tackles into guards, you can build a guard out of any random offensive linemen. Combine that with Fishers track record, I have a hard time believing we will draft an OG at 16. If we didn't pick up Long then for sure an OT or OG, but I don't think so anymore.

    Round 1, Pick 16:
    Tavon Austin - WR

    About a month ago, if you told me which WR I would be interested in. I would have four WRs in front of Tavon (including Terrance Williams). However, over the last month I am convinced Tavon is the perfect fit for our team. His physical skills bring something to this team that is much needed, speed and agility. We have a big physical receiver in Quick, Burner in Givens, Clutch target if needed in Pettis, and of course Big Fast TE who will probably become Sam's security blanket in Cook. Throw in Kendricks as a great 2nd TE. All we are missing is that slot receiver that is quick and throws defenses off their game. They will go mad covering him, and when they do it will leave someone else open. There is also no question in my mind that Tavon Austin will come in and automatically take over the PR/KR duties. He will also do something in his rookie year what Amendola never has, return a TD. I think there is no point in drafting someone like Patterson and pretty much expecting him nothing from him for a year. We had that in Quick. I would love to see Bradford get that extra second or 2 in this new OL and have to decide to throw between Quick, Givens, Austin, Cook and Kendricks.

    Round 1, Pick 22:
    John Cyprien - S

    After going through the top 5 safeties and researching deeply. I have a really good feeling that Cyprien might be the best Safety in the class. Not only do I love what he brings to the football field in his skills, but I also love his personality. I think it is a great fit for Fisher, and he will take on Fisher/Finnegan persona on the field. I think Vaccaro will be gone by the 16th pick. I also think the Rams for sure will have Cyprien in their top 3 safety board, over Reid. Just not sure if they will have him over Elam. I do though, and I think this guy will be a great fit on our team. No way he will be there at our 2nd round pick, so we go get him with our 22nd. Out of all the players in this years draft, there is no question in my mind I want Cyprien the most to be the one that takes on a Rams jersey.

    Round 2, Pick 46:
    Kyle Long - OL

    Kyle Long might not be a great tackle, but with the right recipe I think he can easily be converted into an all-star guard. And what better to throw in that recipe than Fisher, Bordeau, and having his brother on the same team. Instead of drafting an OG in the 1st round, I can easily see Fishead make this type of move. Draft an OT or OG in the later rounds to fill our OG role, or fight for it in camp. I think Kyle Long will get drafted, be groomed and be our starting LG by Week 1.

    Round 3, Pick 78:
    Marcus Lattimore - RB

    When the injury happened, I thought for sure he would end up being a 4th round or later. But his comeback, rehab, and pro-day has people saying he might go late 2nd round (especially to the niners). I think if he survives that end 2nd/top 3rd, we should draft Lattimore. Have a full all-out battle for the RB starting position between Pead, Richardson, and Lattimore. I think it will end up being RB by committee but by 2014 season, Lattimore will make a full recovery and become our starting RB his sophomore year. If McGahee can come back after that injury and have a successful career, there is no question in my mind Lattimore can do it as well. He is 10x better than McGahee ever was. I love his work ethic and I think he is headed down the right path. Overall, that injury might have cut his football career shorter, but he will make a full recovery and will have a chance to become a top NFL rb for years to come. In my Rams fan history, I wouldn't mind seeing a RB transition of Faulk, Jackson, Lattimore.

    I don't usually know much after the top 100 / top 3 round players. Even if I put something together, it would be something I copy off other sites. Or put them in because of their projections and our needs. So I will leave my rams mock draft at that. With that being said, Jelani Jenkins might be a great pick in the 4th round to take over OLB hole!

    Our starting lineup next year

    Finnegan (CB2/Slot)..TruJohnson (CB2)....TBD OLB..Laurinitis..Dunbar....Jenkins(CB1)

    Whatya guys think???
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    Re: Mock Top 1st Half Rams Draft / Rest of the off-season

    Haven't studied Cyprien as of yet, but certainly like the Austin and Long picks. The jury's still out on Lattimore.

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    Re: Mock Top 1st Half Rams Draft / Rest of the off-season

    Love 3 of the picks, not sure on Long in the 2nd. I'd prefer someone like Larry Warford because we only need an LG at this point. But I love the Austin pick. Dangerous weapon, Danny who? Cyprien is my top S and I'd LOVE to see him in horns. Guy is going to be great. Also love the Lattimore pick. He is the consensus top RB in this class if healthy, and looks on track to play week 1, latest week 6.

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