My #1 hope for tonight is that we don't reach for any particular position (especially reciever) because we have too many holes. THe value of the trade downs and getting extra picks is the ability to pick very solid blue chip talents in the second round to fill our holes. Reaching for inferior talent based on need is not something that we can afford to do in my view. If cordy glenn is more highly rated on our board than the best receiver, we should take cordy glenn. An improved offensive line will help sammy as much as a solid wide receiver. Again, what we really need is a #1 receiver, and just because there are good, but not great receivers available, doesnt mean in my view that we should take one ahead of a more highly rated guy that is also in a position of obvious need like guard. Need counts, it just shouldnt cause us to accelerate guys a level above our draft board rankings (and i mean the rankings of fisher and snead, not the fans or the "experts").

Ramming speed to all

general counsel