Most of the top 40 seem to be pretty set as to where they may go, at least the range of picks where they will be selected.

However, like any draft, there are a number of guys who get different reviews of potential in the NFL, the guys who will make Mel Kiper blink a bit when they go earlier than he said they would, or guy he will have as "best available" for a long time before they go off the board.

Here is my "team" of guys I see in that category, and everyone knows, all it takes is ONE team to love a guy to mee up all the mocks.

QB Derek Carr - Rumored as high as 4th, and out of round one at other times. Maybe the biggest wild card of all this year

RB - Jeremy Hill - He was right with the top two, now a mid rounder?

TE - A. Seferian Jenkins - Some had him as a #1, others think he's just in a weak crop after Ebron.

WR - Jarvis Landry LSU - Same had him right with Beckham, others only a late second rounder due to deep WR crop.

WR - Jordan Mathews - All time SEC receiver moving steadily up boards.

WR - Marquise Lee - Looked like a top 15 guy, now could be sixth receiver taken.

OT - Zach Martin - Some like him at #12, others more like #25.
OT Morgan Moses - Is he a first rounder, a top 25 even, or more a second round talent?
G David Yankey - Some say late roud one even, others say round four.
G. Cyril Richardson - He's huge, and some teams value that a lot.
C. Travis Swanson - Mocks had him in round one, others ee him as a fourth at best.

DE - Kony Ealy - HE likes himself more than some scouts. Weak year at DE elevates him, but only if teams reach a bit.

DE - Steven Tuitt - 3-4 DE always are a wild card as far as where they go, and this guy has #! talent.

DT - Timmy Jernigan - He was the #1 guy at DT, but now is he even a first rounder?
DT - Dominique Easley - The injury question drops this talent, but some good team could go early and red shirt him.

LB - Chris Borland - All effort team player who probably will go higher than his measurables say he should, but it's no sure thing. A team like the Patriots loves his type.

LB - Anthony Barr - He was a top five, now some have him in the 20's.

LB - DeMarcus Lawrence - Big time 3-4 OLB wild card could go round one, or round three.

CB - Bradley Roby - Everyone kind of looks at him as boom or bust, but some team will go for his measurables earlier than expected by most.

CB - Jason Verett - His size moves him down, but I see the number with CB need to move him up.

S. Lamarcus Joyner - Ex-corner could go high round two, or late round three.
S. Jimmie Ward - Thin safety crop could move him up to early round two, even late rpound one.or he could be there for Rams at #44 in round two.