when I do a mock, I always try to "think outside the box" and throw a few different ideas in to how picks could go. Anyway, here's my first mock:

#1, Niners
Braylon Edwards, WR, Michigan

Niners shock everyone by deciding to go with the big play receiver rather than the QB of the future.

#2, Dolphins
Alex Smith, QB, Utah

It's widely expected that the Dolphins will take a running back but with Saban looking to establish a solid, long term base, the 'Phins go QB hoping to add a runner further down.

#3, Cleveland Browns
Aaron Rogers, QB, California

Again, a new coach looking to establish a long term foundation drafts the teams QB of the future.

#4, Chicago Bears
Antrel Rolle, CB, Miami (Fl)

Shocked that Edwards is gone and not prepared to take the risk on Mike Williams, the Bears address a need on defense with Rolle. A instant upgrade over McQuarters who may be released.

#5, Tampa Bay Buccaneers
Ronnie Brown, RB, Auburn

If ever a team was a lock for taking a certain position, it's the Bucs. They can't believe their luck when Brown is there at #5.

#6, Tennessee Titans
Mike Williams*, WR, USC

Norm Chow gets his man and McNair gets a new weapon to replace Mason.

#7, Minnasota Vikings*from Raiders
Cedric Benson, RB, Texas

The Vikings felt sure they would get one of Williams or Edwards but with them gone and the other receivers in this draft not worth the #7 overall, the Vikings decide to stop years of running by committee (usually because of injuries) and get a feature back in Benson.

#8, Arizona Cardinals
Carnel Williams, RB, Auburn

The Cards need a runner, and will take whichever of the big 3 that drops to #8.......in this case, Williams.

#9, Washington Redskins
Adam Jones*, CB, West Virginia

With the loss of Smoot, the Redskins fill that spot rather than add a receiver or lineman.

#10, Detriot Lions
Heath Miller, TE, Virginia

I hear you all crying "No way, massive reach" but I've stated many times I believe Miller will go a lot higher than is being touted. Last year showed how big an impact TE's can have in this league with guys such as Antonio Gates proving a big difference maker in an offense. The Lions need a short range target for their QB(s) and to open up things for Roy Williams and Charlie Rogers.

#11, Dallas Cowboys
Derrick Johnson, LB, Texas

Cowboys need some new, big LB's for the switch to a 3-4 scheme and Johnson is prefect for them. The Pokes are delighted to see Johnson fall out of the top 10.

#12, San Diego Chargers
Troy Williamson*, WR, South Carolina*from New York Giants

The Chargers need to deepen their receiving corps and WIlliamson is a good fit at that pick.

#13, Houston Texans
Alex Barron, OT, Florida State

Again, a player drops just prefect for a certain team. The Texans have been looking for answers to protect Carr for a few years now, maybe Barron is the correct answer.

#14, Carolina Panthers
Mark Clayton, WR, Oklahoma

A mad panic for receivers has been set off, The Panthers jump in now and get a nice pick up before they found nothing left a round later.

#15, Kansas City Chiefs
Carlos Rogers, CB, Auburn

The Chiefs need all the help on D they can get, and Rogers provides that straight away.

#16, New Orleans Saints
Jammal Brown, OT, Oklahoma

All the best players avaliable are on DL now and that doesn't fit for the Saints, who go OL instead.

#17, Cincinnati Bengals
Eramus James, DE, Wisconsin

The Bengals want DL help and the way this (mock) has turned out, allows them to have their pick of the bunch.

#Minnasota Vikings
Shawn Merriman*, DE/OLB, Maryland

Ted Cottrel prefers a 3-4 scheme, and Merriman would be the prefect fit for that stand-up DE position in a 3-4. The Vikings still want a receiver, but Merriman is too good to past up.

#19, St Louis Rams
Khalif Barnes, OT, Washington

The Rams need to replace Turley at RT and the OL as a whole needs an injection of youth.

#20, Dallas Cowboys*from Buffalo Bills
Mat Roth, DE, Iowa

That saves them trading for Darren Howard!

#21, Jacksonville Jaguars
David Pollack, DE, Georgia

Seeking compliments to their solid set of DT's, the Jags add Pollock to take the pressure of them at DE.

#22, Baltimore Ravens
Travis Johnson, DT, Florida State

Going against the current trend of switching to a 3-4, the Ravens are going back to a 4-3 and need a few more bodies on the DL to help make the switch.

#23, Seattle Seahawks
Chris Henry, WR, West Virginia

Sick of seeing drops (they led the league last year), the Seahawks put pressure on their starting duo by adding Henry, a tall lanky receiver who gives them a different look.

#24, Green Bay Packers
David Baas, C/G, Michigan

Might be considered a reach but Green Bay lost two guards in free agency and their running system relies on the OL heavily. It's like the Broncos in that respect expect they keep the same RB year in year out. Baas makes a lot of sense for the Pack.

#25, Denver Broncos
Charlie Frye, QB, Akron

Plummer is still the starter but the Broncos will look to develop a guy behind him and if he blows hot and cold this year, Frye could be a starter in 2006.

#26, New York Jets
Anttaj Hawthorne, DT, Wisconsin

Jason Ferguson defecting to Dallas was a big blow to the Jets as his run stuffing abilities will be sorely missed, selecting Hawthorne is part of the remedy.

#27, Atlanta Falcons
Shaun Cody, DT, USC

Ed Jasper is close to retirement and with the Falcons success in a 4-3 scheme last year, they won't want to let the depth on DL suffer.

#28, San Diego Chargers
Justin Miller*, CB, Clemson

The Chargers could use an upgrade in the secondary at both corner and safety. Miller is a good fit for them.

#29, Indianapolis Colts
Marlin Jackson, CB, Michigan

The Colts need CB help and there are still a good few prospects to pick at this point but Jackson makes sense because of his good caverage skills and having played some free safety, he will have a better idea of understanding Dungy's cover-2 defense.

#30, Pittsburgh Steelers
Channing Crowder, ILB, Florida

Steelers need a replacement for Kandrel Bell, here he is in Crowder.

#31, Philadelphia Eagles
Alex Smith, TE, Stanford

The Eagles like their TE's, Smith is classic NFL size and can have a impact straight away without having to carry the burden of being expected to dominant straight away.

#32, New England Patriots
Corey Webster, CB, LSU

Another corner goes, the Pats got by without their corners last year, but there is no harm upgrading, especially with Ty Law being let go.