QB - Bradford is the starter, and Clemens will likely be back providing it's friendly to the cap.
Need: The Rams should go out and get a young, 3rd string WR in the draft or as an UDFA to learn the position and ultimately be Bradford's backup.

RB - Stacy is the starter, Cunningham showed well as the backup. Richardson and Pead will likely be given another chance to be the 3rd string.
Need: None really. I only see the Rams adding someone if there is a talent that falls in the draft or is a UDFA. I certainly don't expect a high draft pick or a free agent.

FB - I'm going to list Corey Harkey as an FB, as he lined up their a lot. I suspect if the Rams play Harkey all season as an FB he has pro bowl potential.
Need: None.

WR - It's hard to assess the WRs given Clemens' performances and the run heavy offense at the end of the year. But Givens was a let down after his strong rookie year. Quick hasn't had a great amount of chances but is a very strong blocker. Tavon Austin and Steadman Bailey would appear to be the ones most likely to start at the moment. Austin Pettis somehow makes plays even when you think he can't.
Need: It's a young position, and it's one heavily fortified over the past few seasons with Givens, Quick, Austin and Bailey all being drafted recently. But I can't help but feel if a top, top talent was available in FA or the draft the Rams must consider pulling the trigger.

TE - Cook is a talent that would have benefitted from better QB play at the end of the season, but also needs to play harder. Kendricks is a strong blocker and has decent hands. Harkey provides depth and also chips in at FB.
Need: None.

OT - Long, although having had a strong year, is coming off a bad knee injury. Saffold was always better when playing at OG. Barksdale was fairly solid, but is probably better as a backup.
Need: Probably the most important need on the team. I think you take a OT in the first round, maybe to play RT for a season or two if Long is healthy, before ultimately switching to the left side. I suspect a first round pick will be used on an OT.

OG - The second biggest need on the team. I say second biggest because guards are not as important as tackles, but the best player at OG for the Rams this year was Saffold, an OT who's contract is up.
Need: After considering Larry Warford in the draft last year, the Rams must be looking at OGs early on. I imagine a second or third rounder, unless a move down from #2 overall presents more first rounders. I can't imagine Saffold taking Guard money, so the team may have to pay him tackle money to stay at OG. There has been talk of Barrett Jones playing Guard but he is an unknown quantity. I'd be surprised if the Rams didn't get at least one OG.

C - Scott Wells got injured for the second stright year and was underwhelming when in the lineup. Tim Barnes was thrown in the deep end, and struggled at times. He is probably better as a backup.
Need: While Wells could return from injury again, I would be surprised if an upgrade wasn't considered. OC is a pretty unheralded position, but if the Rams want a strong run game in 2014 they must be considering getting someone in to replace Wells.

DE - Quinn is most likely DPOY, Long is solid to excellent, Hayes is great in spot duty, Sims chips in with sacks and pressures.
Need: None whatsoever, easily the strongest position on the team.

DT - Brockers is getting better and better, and Langford came on strong at the end of the year.
Need: I don't like the depth at DT at the moment, being Cudjo and Conrath, and see the team upgrading if at all possible. But the DL is a strong unit as a whole, and DEs sometimes lineup at DT on passing downs. Not much need here.

OLB - Ogletree was a great find and will only get better. Dunbar was pretty quiet but I don't think he was on the field too often as the third linebacker. Armstrong and Bates didn't get many snaps on defense, mainly being special teams players
Need: The Rams need to make a deceison on Dunbar as his contract is up, but the third LB is a bit part player in the modern passing NFL. I can see the team bringing in a veteran or using a mid to late rounder on a rookie. But a strong camp from Armstrong or Bates could mean no additional players are needed.

MLB - Laurinaitis is set in as the starting MLB, and doesn't miss playing time.
Need: None really. Not sure who is currently the backup, but again I don't think it's a position that would require bolstering through the draft or free agency.

CB - Jenkins and Johnson are good starters, but need to be allowed to play closer to the LOS. Finnegan was poor before his injury, and I don't think the team bring him back at his salary. McGee was a rookie but was attacked often when on the field.
Need: The Rams need a new slot corner, or to have Jenkins or Johnson man the slot in certain situations. A 3rd CB is needed though, a need i'd probably rank as 3rd or 4th.

FS - McLeod the Highlander is a good backup, but I feel the corners were playing so far off to protect him.
Need: I think a rangey free saftey with great cover skills would really push this defense into a top quality unit. It's a position the team could address with a free agent or an early draft pick, or both. You want an Eric Berry or Earl Thomas type.

SS - TJ McDonald, although injured for part of the year, showed he can play in the NFL. He played excellently against Jimmy Graham, and can hit. I feel he played deeper than the team would have liked to help out McLeod. And think he made a better impact when up in the box. Darian Stewart is still around as the third safety but always seems to make some mistakes.
Need: I think someone to back up McDonald would help. Not a high draft pick however.

Special teams. Zuerlein was excellent all year, Hekker had probably the best punting season ever. Austin was electric on punt returns, but the ST need to cut down stupid penalties.
Need: None

Top 5 Ranking of needs:
1. OT
2. OG
3. FS
4. CB
5. C