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    My attempt at a 7 round mock

    I am basing this mock on the current nfl situation, so there will be no FA. Unfortunately that means I can't address all our issues properly, but I did my best.

    1)Adrian Clayborn DE- In all reality, JJ is not going to be there when we pick. So the next best position to attack is DE. Clayborn is a big touhg physical end who makes his presence known. His numbers may have dropped this year, but he drew many double teams. Pair him up with Chris Long, and you have a situation where both ends require double team and not both can get double teamed.

    2)Leonard Hankerson WR- We have to address the WR position. We just can not continue with what we have on the roster right now. Hankerson really showed his true potential this year when he fixed the soft hands issue. With some coaching, could make for a fine addition.

    3)Quinton Carter FS- With the departure of OJ, we need a new man out in centerfield. Carter is a big atheltic back who has the physicality that I believe the coaches are looking for in a safety.

    4)John Moffitt OG- You want a big physical road grader at guard? I give you John Moffitt, nothing else needs to be said.

    5)Mark Herzlick OLB- I've been really high on this kid for a while. He showed flashes at the combine of what he used to be able to do. With some more training to get him back to where he used to be, he could be a great steal at OLB.

    6)Chris Neild DT- Big run stopper. Could be a good situational/rotation guy. Need an influx of youth because of robbins age.

    7)Dion Lewis RB- Quick change of pace guy. Has put up some good numbers in his first two years of college
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    Re: My attempt at a 7 round mock

    Clayborn is a hit-or-miss guy. His production last year was pedestrian. Then again, the same was said last year about Carlos Dunlap.

    I think Lewis is likely to go in the 4th or 5th.

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